PSIGEN Training and professional Services

Training & Professional Services

PSIGEN Scanning Software products have a vast array of capture features to ease the burden of scanning, capture and document imaging, standardize your workflow, and truly allow a relatively quick integration of advanced capture and scanning technology into your business processes.

Our Professional Services Team is adept at all facets of Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems, and can provide engagement and consulting services for a smooth transition to new applications and technology.

One of the most critical phases within any technology project revolves around an adequate training phase. A proper training curriculum will expedite end user acceptance and optimization of document management system usage. The PSIGEN training team has both IT and end user focused training courses, to maximize your return on a Document Management technology investment.

Training services include:

  • Standard end-user and technical staff courses
  • Customized training for specific organization capture and imaging needs
  • Sales training for Document Management Sales Staff
  • Installation & Configuration

To request training services, contact our Document Management and Capture Services Team.

Upcoming Trainings

November Trainings (Atlanta, GA)

PSIsafe Training (November 4-6, 2020)
PSIcapture Training (November 9-11, 2020)

Online Training Portal

Sign up for access to our PSIsafe Training Portal. Once you have completed the live PSIsafe Orientation classes, come in to the portal to dive a little deeper into PSIsafe. Administrators and End-users will love the learning that takes place here!
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PSIsafe 11.2 Orientation

Below is a list of classes in our live online PSIsafe 11.2 Orientation. These classes are great refreshers when you need some reminding, or great launch classes if you have never used the product before. These classes are for Administrators and End-users ONLY. (Technical personnel need to sign up for the PSIsafe Technical training highlighted in the section above.)

Click on the “Sign up Now!” links below to register for your classes.

  • Client Introduction: Covers the basic use of the PSIsafe desktop client and user interface navigation. Designed for the PSIsafe desktop end user. Sign up Now!
  • Advanced Client: Covers custom columns, routing documents in workflows, exporting, advanced search, PSIsafe Share, combining images, interface options, image manipulation and Scheduler. Designed for the PSIsafe desktop end user. Sign up Now!
  • Batch Capture: Covers the use of the Batch Capture scanning interface, setting up Batch Capture filing templates, review of the various filing methods using the load button, and manipulation of images. Designed for the PSIsafe desktop end user. Sign up Now!
  • Management I:Guides the System/PSIsafe Administrator in creating/maintaining user profiles, creating groups, building a cabinet structure, copying cabinets and assigning user rights. Sign up Now!
  • Management II: Covers setting up document managers, security classes, retention, tracking reports and system settings. Designed for the System/PSIsafe Administrator. Sign up Now!
  • Naming Templates: Covers how to create Naming Templates to ensure standard document naming conventions and provide document creation within PSIsafe. Designed for the System/PSIsafe Administrator. Sign up Now!
  • Workflow Management:Covers the creation of workflow rules and how to manage workflow items. Designed for the System/PSIsafe Administrator. Sign up Now!

Professional Services

The initial installation of systems, the planning of a solid foundation for growth, and the related configuration of PSIGEN scanning applications, play a critical role in assuring the success of every document scanning project. PSIGEN has deep information technology system engineering experience, as well as document imaging subject matter expertise. Applying this experience and expertise at the outset of project implementations is always recommended.

Professional services offered include:

  • Document scanning workflow assessments
  • System specification requirements
  • Implementation Planning for ECM and Capture Deployments
  • Analyze your architecture / infrastructure in preparation for scanning
  • Assessment of Scanners and MFPs
  • ECM and Document Management Project Management
  • Application installation, configuration, customization and integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint Scanning and Capture Workflow Analysis

To request training services, contact our Document Management and Capture Services Team.