PSIcapture Integration with Azure Blob Helps You Cut Storage Costs

There is no doubt that cloud storage systems are becoming a popular option for businesses.

On-premise storage can be costly, and it usually requires an IT staff to manage it. One cloud storage option businesses should be paying attention to is Azure Blob storage. The cloud-based storage program is a smart, cost-effective option for storing unstructured data of any kind.

What Are the Benefits of Azure Blob Storage?

There is a dramatic cost difference between storing data in an Azure Blob and storing it all in a hosted server. A Blob storage subscription does not require any on-premise hosting, eliminating costs such as servers, hosting and licensing. Furthermore, you only pay for the storage you use, so you do not have to pay up-front for any storage you don’t end up using.

Maintenance is also much easier with Azure Blobs. You don’t have to have an IT staff manage your storage. Once you configure the data and customize your search tool, you’re good to go.

Azure Blob storage also offers the utmost security for your data. All data is encrypted, and Blobs are spread across many databases, adding another level of security.

Save Even More with Cool Storage

In many industries, compliance requires documents to be stored for long periods of time. Some examples might be employee records and tax documents. Although you need to store these files, you probably do not need immediate access to them. Thus, you could move those records to your Blob’s cool storage. This will increase retrieval time, but it will also reduce cost. Thus, your business can keep files you need to readily access in hot storage, but use cool storage to house older files that are not as high priority.

Integrating PSIcapture with Azure Blob

PSIcapture has added an integration with Azure Blob to help our customers take full advantage of the benefits of this inexpensive and effective storage option. The integration allows you to easily publish your captured data to your Blob storage. What’s more, PSIGEN’s advanced automation features allow you to do so with little to no manual data entry.

PSIcapture also integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and Office 365. This versatility makes it the perfect solution for companies using both SharePoint and Azure Blob for storage. Perhaps your company is using SharePoint for some storage and collaboration, but is also taking advantage of Azure Blob storage. You can capture documents with PSIcapture, then publish your data to both your SharePoint site and Azure Blob storage.

To further expand your usage of Azure, you can also deploy PSIcapture within a Microsoft Azure server environment.  This allows you to operate a robust capture engine in your private Cloud, and avoid the expense of on premise servers completely.

Have more questions about integrating PSIcapture with Azure Blob? Get in touch with PSIGEN’s advanced capture pros today for more information!

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