PSIcapture: ECM’s Greatest Asset, Not Its Competition

Responses to 3 misconceptions about advanced capture's role with ECM systems.

Being an extremely channel-focused company, PSIGEN has hundreds of resellers, many of which are highly focused on the ECM industry. The PSIGEN team sees this as a great opportunity to provide customers with full-scale solutions to their process problems and to enhance the capabilities of the ECM systems our resellers provide.

However, we understand there are certain difficulties that come along with reselling software. When you’re dealing with multiple products, it can be tough to see how each one fits in the grand scheme of things. It can also be tricky to determine whether a product serves more as an asset to your other offerings or as a competitor.

Fortunately, PSIGEN’s advanced capture tools are not designed to take the place of the ECM systems our resellers provide. Our products are truly built to integrate with these systems and provide organizations with an efficient end-to-end solution for their document processing.

Here are 3 misconceptions ECM resellers might have about advanced capture:

  1. Advanced capture is in competition with the ECM we sell. When you compare PSIGEN advanced document capture with any ECM system, you’ll quickly realize these products aren’t in competition with each other. On the contrary, advanced capture is one of the greatest assets for increasing the functionality and efficiency of an ECM solution. PSIcapture is compatible with 53 different ECM systems, making it the most versatile document capture product available. PSIGEN has in-depth understanding of the document management industry, and our products reflect that knowledge through their versatility and compatibility with the best industry products.
  2. Advanced capture won’t add anything essential to our solution. If you have a client shopping for a document management solution, chances are they are weighing multiple options in search of the best deal. PSIGEN can serve as the differentiator between your proposed solution and someone else’s. If the customer is being presented with five options of similar ECM offerings but yours is the only one that provides automated capture, data extraction, and the ability to automatically route documents to the ECM, that might be the differentiator you need to come out on top.
  3. Most ECM capture offerings can essentially do the same thing PSIcapture does. This is perhaps the biggest and most devastating misassumption one can make about advanced capture. For the past 20 years, PSIGEN has developed and improved its advanced capture software to make it the most intelligent and automated capture product on the market. The value that PSIcapture can add to a document management solution is unmatched by basic scanning and capture applications. While most of these scanning applications can do a basic level of automatic indexing, it is generally limited to extracting a few key fields from the exact same document layout. PSIcapture can extract data from anywhere on a page, and the software can learn a new document type after seeing it just one time. When it comes to automation, basic scanning/capture applications do not provide the level necessary to eliminate keystrokes or reduce manual work. PSIcapture can actually take keystrokes out of the picture and allow an organization to reallocate personnel to other tasks. By adding PSIcapture to a business’s solution, you add significant value by providing them with a much higher level of automation and efficiency.

Interested in learning how a partnership with PSIGEN can help you boost your document management solution offerings? Send our sales team a message today to learn more about the incredible benefits of becoming a PSIGEN reseller.

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