Taming the Admissions Office Beast

Document Capture for Higher Education Admissions Departments

An academic admissions office is constantly being bombarded with documents. These records can range from the actual admissions application, to high school or college transfer transcripts, SAT scores, letters of recommendation, admissions essays and more. Many of us recall the effort it took to assemble everything needed to apply to a college or university, but only those working in higher education understand what it’s like to be on the receiving side of so much information.

With more and more individuals choosing to seek a college education (college enrollment increased by 15% between 1980 and 2012), institutions of higher education have to be prepared to deal with huge influxes of information that must be organized and reviewed.

Being bogged down by all of these student records, whether they’re digital, paper or a combination of both, can hinder a school’s performance. Spending valuable hours sorting through documents and manually organizing information can cost a fortune in labor and can lead to missed deadlines, and lost or incorrect information due to human error. With the number of universities competing for the best students constantly climbing, schools can’t afford to waste time or resources during the admissions process.

But school admissions offices can avoid the chaos of information overload. By adopting an effective information management strategy, they can reduce costs associated with paper processes, including storage and labor. They can also reduce errors and speed up the entire admissions process by streamlining the workflow. This process will provide admissions employees with a simple way to view all of a student’s records associated with the application process with one easy search. Ultimately, this change will help schools to make informed decisions on which students to admit and quickly identify if any information is missing from a student’s application.

Many schools already use an enterprise content management system (ECM) or other repository for storing student records. While these systems are certainly an asset that can greatly improve the process in an admissions office. The difficulty lies in efficiently moving the documents into the system. For that, you’ll need a higher education document capture solution.

No matter what type of repository your office uses, PSIcapture is the best document capture and automation tool to help you take control of the admissions office. With the ability to connect to any scanning device and provide seamless migration to over 60 ECM systems, PSIcapture allows for true flexibility. Leverage the hardware and software your office already uses, and get the freedom that comes with choosing a software that has the ability to integrate with any system. No matter how your needs change, your capture product never needs to.

Don’t do a lot of scanning because you receive most documents digitally? PSIcapture’s extended file format (EFF) capability allows you to import digital files in any format. Regardless of how you receive your documents, you will need to utilize advanced capture to ensure those documents are searchable once they are digitally stored. With PSIcapture, this process is easy, quick and affordable. PSIcapture combines the advanced capabilities of a mature document capture software with the simplicity of user-friendly modules, allowing for easy, powerful capture that any employee can learn to use.

Here are several key benefits PSIcapture offers admissions offices:

  • Convert scanned documents or imported digital files into searchable PDFs
  • Easily create organizational structures and file naming standards for student records that will transfer into the ECM to allow for easy searches
  • Automatically classify documents and extract crucial data to optimize searchability
  • Connect to existing databases to perform lookups and automate data extraction
  • Seamlessly migrate documents to any of 60 ECM systems

If you’re ready to take control of your admissions process, don’t wait. Get started while summer’s in session and be ready to take on the new fall semester with the simplicity of PSIcapture. Contact a sales representative for more information and learn more about PSIcapture here.

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