Building the Document Capture Bridge

These 3 factors are essential for a reliable document capture solution.

Document capture bridges the gap between paper documents and digital content. But a good bridge isn’t built overnight. It’s carefully engineered by skilled professionals using a combination of strength, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to build a sturdy and reliable structure.

Allow us to break down the 3 essential components of the document capture bridge:

  • Strength: The first and probably most obvious quality of an exemplary bridge is strength. Without a strong foundation, a bridge is at risk of succumbing to the elements, like ice and flooding. A weak bridge will become less and less reliable over time and will eventually need to undergo major repairs or be replaced entirely. The same holds true for document capture. A strong system will be equipped to withstand the test of time. It will be built by a company with a high level of expertise and experience in the field that can provide strong, valuable support to its customers. It should have the functionality to perform a robust variety of tasks—advanced capture, data extraction, migration, etc.—and provide a high level of automation for those tasks. Not only should it be capable of performing a wide range of functions, but a strong document capture solution should do so without ever compromising on quality. Its strength is not only in the expanse of its feature set, but in the caliber of its performance.
  • Flexibility: If a team only works on the bridge when it’s convenient for them or when optimal weather conditions exist, that bridge isn’t going to be usable for a very long time. The workers have to be flexible enough to work under all types of circumstances in order to complete the job on time without compromising quality. Document capture software must also be flexible in order provide the best possible service to users. If the product only works for select departments of a company or doesn’t integrate easily with the company’s other systems, it severely limits the solution’s effectiveness. It should have the versatility to work across a variety of departments—Accounts Payable, Legal, Human Resources, etc.—in order to meet needs throughout the organization, not just in one area. If other products need to be brought in to make up for the capture software’s shortcomings, the company isn’t getting the best possible return on their investment. An inflexible capture product simply isn’t a very good deal. Your document capture software should be capable of integrating with your organization’s other systems and scaling up or down to accommodate changes in the company’s needs.
  • Cost effectiveness: When choosing the company to build a bridge, one of the major factors to be considered is the cost. That’s not to say that the cheapest option is going to win the bid, though. The option most likely to win is the one that offers the best quality for the price point—the one that promises to build a bridge that’s going to provide the best return on investment. The most cost-effective document capture software likely isn’t the one that comes at the absolute lowest price point. No matter how inexpensive the product is, if it doesn’t end up saving you significantly in the long-run and can’t perform exceptionally over time, it’s not really the cost-effective option. The most budget-friendly option is the software that truly solves your company’s document capture problem, producing results that save your business money and increase your overall productivity.

At PSIGEN, we understand that your document capture solution is an investment in the future of your company, and we’d love to help guide you through the process. If you’re ready to get on the road to increased productivity and cost savings, contact us today!

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