Do You Love Your Document Capture Software?

4 Signs You & Your Document Capture Software are Made for Each Other

Do you love your document capture software?

We mean really, really love it—not like it somewhat, or mostly enjoy it but it’s nothing to write home about. Do you love your capture product?

Why does that matter? It matters because the product you use should reflect your business’s values. Your capture provider should care about the things you care about—saving time, being efficient, providing good service, being cost-effective. Not every product is going to offer you that. If you aren’t feeling the love for your software, maybe it’s time to rethink your document capture relationship.

What makes a lovable capture product? Here are our top qualifying qualities:

  • It makes your life easier. What’s the point of investing in a paperless product if it doesn’t greatly improve your workflow and save your employees’ time? Your capture product should be the key to unlocking your business’s potential.

[PSIcapture has] revolutionized the way we do work. We can do twice as much with the same amount of labor as before. – Richard Stinnett, BTCO, Inc.

Our workflow process is much more streamlined and efficient. Manual processing is reduced and the ability to match and merge data on the fly has greatly reduced our need for administration of projects. Image quality is improved and general image processing much easier. – Mountain States Imaging

  • It saves you money. The bottom line is that your capture product should improve your bottom line. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to implement and it should greatly reduce your business’s overall expenses.

…Stria’s processing costs have significantly decreased since implementing the PSIcapture system. – Stria

PSIcapture has provided a serious advantage in pricing.  With such low labor costs, I can be extremely competitive, and still maintain incredible margin. – Guardian Document Imaging

PSIGEN has allowed us to automate numerous business practices, allowing us to have a better return on investment through the use of the software. I would highly recommend it to other businesses. – Roy Radigan, InfoStore, LLC

PSIGEN makes scanning profitable again. – Paul Neal, Unity ECM

  • It helps you make your customers happy. Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. Creating a great experience for your customers is essential to helping your business succeed. Your capture product should launch your company into a whole new level of customer service.

[PSIcapture has] helped us automate and streamline everything we do. It helps us help our customers. – John Garst, Mountain States Imaging

“We searched tirelessly for a scanning solution that could help our bureau go to the next level. PSIGEN was the hands-down winner! – Paul Neal, Unity ECM

  • It provides a genuine customer service experience. Finding a good capture product that suits your business’s needs is a big part of the equation. But you can’t stop your search there. You need a company that is committed to helping your company succeed beyond selling you a product—one that takes interest in you personally, listens to your concerns and suggestions and acts on them to ensure you have the best experience possible.

The company behind the product [PSIcapture] is the best thing about it. It might not have a feature today, in working with the team the feature will be there soon, or in the next release. – Richard Stinnett, BTCO, Inc.

[PSIcapture] does everything and anything you need, and if it doesn’t yet… it will. – Kristel Marquart, Underground Vaults

I couldn’t be more pleased with its technical capabilities and the support of the company behind the product. PSIGEN is the best in the industry. Greg Kinne, First Ascent Investments

When it comes to improving your workflow and your bottom line, a good document capture software is a necessity. But if you want great quality and return on your investment, you can’t go with just anyone. Choose a company with a proven track record of helping businesses thrive and providing the utmost in customer service. Choose a company businesses love working with.

Want to fall in love with your software? Find out more about PSIcapture or talk to one of our lovable experts.

PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software

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