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  1. 5 Signs Your Business Needs an Advanced Capture System
    TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, Testimonials, The Case for Capture

    5 Signs Your Business Needs an Advanced Capture System

    by Chelsea Bawab - September 01, 2016

    Is it time to make a change?

    Because you’re reading this, by now you’ve probably heard a bit about how document capture can help organizations become more efficient and improve their document processes. But how do you know if an advanced capture system will benefit your organization? After all, every business is different, and what works for one might not necessarily be helpful for the next.

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  2. 3 Real-World Examples of PSIcapture for Business Process Outsourcing
    TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, Industry Solutions, Testimonials

    3 Real-World Examples of PSIcapture for Business Process Outsourcing

    by Chelsea Bawab - July 26, 2016

    BPO compnies can gain efficiency and profitability with PSIcapture

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a growing industry in the document management space. When companies decide to convert their paper records and processes to digital format, outsourcing is often a viable option that allows them to have all the benefits of digital document management without the burden of taking on the task themselves. Outsourcing also allows an organization to turn the work over to a company with significant expertise in document management.

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  3. 3 Accounting Solutions using PSIcapture
    TOPIC: Industry Solutions, Reseller Tips, Testimonials

    3 Examples of PSIcapture Solutions for Accounting

    by Chelsea Bawab - June 28, 2016

    How can PSIcapture bolster your accounting department’s processes?

    Accounting is responsible for myriad day-to-day operations in an organization. The accounting department deals with everything from accounts payable and receivable, to inventory, payroll and other financial aspects of a company. Between keeping accurate records, paying invoices on time, processing incoming payments and managing any other financial needs, it is all too likely that this department will fall behind if these processes are dealt with manually.

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  4. Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution
    TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Testimonials, The PSIGEN Difference

    PSIcapture and Square9: The Smart Choice

    by Chelsea Bawab - September 10, 2015

    Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution

    Square9 SmartSearch is an advanced document management system used by organizations of every size. With the ability to scale to meet the needs of a very small department or those of a large company, SmartSearch can be effectively used by any type of business to manage information. From education and healthcare to manufacturing and legal, many industries rely on SmartSearch to help streamline their paper processes.

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  5. TOPIC: ECM Integrations, Testimonials, The PSIGEN Difference

    Maximize M-Files Capabilities with PSIcapture

    by Chelsea Bawab - August 27, 2015

    PSIGEN’s Advanced Capture Software Provides Easy Integration with M-Files Document Management

    If your company is using a document management application like M-Files, you’re well on your way to having an organized, efficient digital solution for your files. But what if you could make the process of getting your documents into M-Files easy, fast and automated? PSIcapture has an integration specifically built for M-Files that allows for the seamless migration of scanned documents into your M-Files repository. The automated solution requires very minimal end-user intervention and the end result is documents that are searchable, indexed, properly named and stored in your M-Files application for easy access.

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  6. TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, Testimonials, The PSIGEN Difference

    The PSIGEN Difference: Simplicity

    by Chelsea Bawab - March 04, 2015

    Simplify your Spring Cleaning with Document Capture!

    Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing; spring is finally in the air. It’s time to get out the deep cleaning supplies and get to work scrubbing the wintery dust off everything—and while you’re at it, perhaps you’re considering going through those file cabinets at the office and getting rid of some old paper documents.
    Purging your business of old paper is a great feeling—cathartic, even. It feels great to rid your office of unnecessary files. But this year, why not take it even further? Why not take the leap from purging a few documents to taking on a paper-free office initiative?

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  7. TOPIC: Testimonials, The PSIGEN Difference

    Meant to Be?

    by Chelsea Bawab - February 06, 2015

    We mean really, really love it—not like it somewhat, or mostly enjoy it but it’s nothing to write home about. Do you love your capture product?

    Why does that matter? It matters because the product you use should reflect your business’s values. Your capture provider should care about the things you care about—saving time, being efficient, providing good service, being cost-effective. Not every product is going to offer you that. If you aren’t feeling the love for your software, maybe it’s time to rethink your document capture relationship.

    What makes a lovable capture product? Here are our top qualifying qualities:

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