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  1. TOPIC: Business Process Improvement, Going Green, Going Paperless

    Free Yourself from Paper

    by Chelsea Bawab - July 02, 2015

    Tips on Revolutionizing your Office, Inspired by Independence Day

    Perhaps it’s time modern businesses had a paper-inspired revolution of their own. Paper might not be unfairly taxed by an outside entity, but it is costing your business! Even though we’ve come a long way as a society to digitize some of our documents, paper consumption has increased by half in the last 30 years, meaning we’re using a lot more paper than we ever have in the past. And the prices businesses are paying to keep up with paper consumption are astronomical. Poor Richard would be shocked at the cost of his Almanack today, and he would likely be called “Poorer Richard” or even “Broke Richard.”

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  2. TOPIC: Going Green, Going Paperless, The Case for Capture

    3 Steps to Creating a Greener Workplace

    by Chelsea Bawab - April 21, 2015

    Celebrate Earth Day by Changing Habits at the Office

    Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet and to be conscious about caring for the environment.

    Unfortunately, we don’t always treat our planet with respect. All you have to do is a quick Internet search to see how our poor habits negatively affect the planet.

    Not only is pollution unsightly, but it is also damaging to the environment and to public health. Fortunately, businesses have a great opportunity to set a good example by taking steps to make their offices more environmentally friendly. Here are three easy ways to start:

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