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Based in Colorado, Mountain States Imaging, LLC provides first-rate document scanning, document conversion and document management services. MSI’s capabilities include indexing and online document hosting, as well as database integration with files kept as paper, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Since 1986, they have completed countless document management projects involving prepping, scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval.

The Process

The Problem

The time and energy it took MSI employees to complete projects was often problematic and undesirable. Manual indexing and time spent fixing or rescanning skewed, rotated or blank pages was time consuming, and producing an acceptable final image often required multiple software packages and tools. This company-wide frustration proved to be ultimately inefficient, leading Mountain States Imaging to search for a new and improved system.

“Most processes involved multiple software suites and manual processes. Actual image processing and tracking was done via various spreadsheets and flat files. Dispersed files on dispersed networks became difficult to manage.”

Kenneth Kopicky
Senior IT Analyst

Solution Requirements

When looking for a software solution, Mountain States Imaging had several organizational requirements in mind. With the large range of job types received, flexibility and custom creation were the high priorities. The company also wanted a solution that could improve indexing inefficiencies, image processing and quality, and also decrease the overall processing time.

MSI also sought a single software solution complete with zone OCR capability to search, read and extract data normally keyed in by hand—a system that could “reduce downtime and increase scan speeds,” said Kopicky. With this wish list of features, Mountain States Imaging discovered the PSIGEN solution and was on the road to an improved document workflow and management processes.

The PSIGEN Solution

Capture Software

38 PSIGEN PSIcapture Enterprise Workstations

Content Repository

ImageSilo (Internal Retrieval System)


3 MFPs and 26 Scanners

With the implementation of 38 PSIcapture workstations with MFPs and scanners, Mountain States Imaging is pleased and impressed with the results. “Our workflow process is much more streamlined and efficient.

Manual processing is reduced and the ability to match and merge data on the fly has greatly reduced our need for administration of projects. Image quality is improved and general image processing much easier,” said Kopicky.

PSIcapture’s single standard platform, combined with greater customization options and state-of-the-art features, has provided Mountain States Imaging with maximum flexibility. Automatic Zone OCR and Advanced Data Extraction indexing, which were once manual processes, are just two of many that PSIcapture has automated for its users.

Since the PSIcapture system has been adopted, some of MSI’s favorite features and benefits include:

  • Custom job creating that allows for quicker job completion
  • Incremented backups that afford the power to revert to a previous step, reducing downtime and lost data
  • Advanced Data Extraction and Zone OCR features, which automatically read and extract data that used to require manual entry
  • Unlimited licensing that is flexible for either growth or downsizing
  • Built-in Reporting module that can run queries on any scanning and capture workflow step, based on batch status, dates, specific users or various other specified data
  • Export capability to numerous formats and index methodologies
  • Overall increased efficiency with limited downtime


PSIcapture successfully provided Mountain States Imaging with custom flexibility and countless automated options, resulting in reduced processing time and improved client service. The financial benefits have also been noted, as MSI experienced an estimated overall ROI in approximately nine to ten months.

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