PSIcapture & PSIsafe Combine for Greater efficiencies at Digital Office Products

Digital Office Products, based in McLean, Virginia, has served the office equipment needs of the Mid-Atlantic area businesses for over 20 years. Led by a tenured Service Department, engaging the latest technologies, and with an extensive local inventory of parts and supplies, Digital Office Products ensures responsive support, local decision making, and accountability. Digital Office Products has partnered with select industry leaders, including PSIGEN, Toshiba, and Lexmark, to combine nationwide service and support with the extensive resources, provided through OEM partnerships, to provide customers with the best technology available on the market.

The Process

The Problem

Digital Office Products internal office environment includes all operational departments accounts payable, service, sales, and their own internal leasing company. This environment mainly runs off the E-Automate ERP System and Compass Sherpa CRM Software. These systems assist with order processing, invoices, inventory and service requests.

All sales orders and invoices are processed electronically but then stored as paper in file cabinets. These files are requested at times to look back on previous information requested by sales. The sales department works remotely in the field and in the office. To access these files, a phone call is made to the office and an employee goes to the file cabinet, searches through the cabinet, then calls back or emails directly to the sales rep. This is usually requested as an urgent request.

Solution Requirements

Digital Office Products would like to make the request of customer files easily accessible, better organized, while also extracting important information. They wanted to be able to create a file structure electronically, by customer name and customer number, to a location that included all related customer files for easy lookup

The PSIGEN Solution

Capture Software

PSIGEN PSIcapture with Table Extraction

Content Repository


Knowing Digital Office Products needed an accessible, scalable solution to solve their business process issues, PSIcapture and PSIsafe seemed like a natural fit. PSIcapture allowed them to quickly and accurately process documents for clients freeing employees from having to manually enter customer information. The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) and Redaction tools enabled the company to build better customer profiles by gathering more information in less time. Implementing Database Lookups were key in quickly matching customer files to customers and ensuring those files were migrated to the correct repository/cabinet.

PSIsafe gives them the ability to easily access these customer files increasing response time while managing the files in one secure location. Both PSIcapture and PSIsafe have the added benefit of unlimited scalability. Taking advantage of this benefit, a plan was formed for future use in departments across the company.

The plan includes future expansion into the Sales department giving them access to faster retrieval of important sales documents and reducing the response time caused by waiting for answers.


Digital Office Products currently uses PSIcapture with Table Extraction and PSIsafe as part of their plan to reduce customer and employee frustrations. Using the PSIGEN solution allowed Digital Office Products to free up waiting and response times. By doing this it had the added benefit of increasing employee happiness. They no longer had to wait around for answers or spend endless hours in front of a filing cabinet. The full document management solution provided by PSIcapture and PSIsafe smooths the frustrations of daily office life.

“PSIGEN has been a tremendous help with my daily work tasks. With all of our client’s important information at my fingertips, I am finally able to access the documents I need in a timely manner without leaving my desk. PSIGEN also makes it easy to send this information to my contacts right from the software. I have saved countless hours digging through overstuffed, outdated filing cabinets. With the ease of use and time-saving capabilities it has provided, our company is thrilled to have implemented this wonderful program!”

Kaitlin McIntyre

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