Case Study: Cloud Document Management Software Reduces Case File Access from Days to Minutes

Traffic Law Center, founded by Robin L. Sullivan in 1990, is comprised of defense attorneys whose practice targets traffic law (tickets, license suspensions, DUI, etc.). They have offices in both St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.

The Problem

With multiple offices and a growing law practice, it was hard to get information from one office to another without spending thousands of dollars annually on courier service. Handling as many as 25,000 cases each year made file handling and storage, especially with closed files, a cumbersome and expensive process. It was decided that going paperless was the best way to achieve the office efficiency they were lacking and would help them save money in the long term.

Solution Requirements

For Traffic Law Center, the primary goals were to address a variety of issues they felt would help increase office efficiency and productivity, meet compliance requirements and give a competitive advantage. These issues were distilled into six primary goals:

  1. Every person in the organization (about 30 people) should be able to review any case file at any time without having to access the “paper file”.
  2. Because they operate as a single firm with multiple office locations, they always had logistical problems with getting files from one office to another. Another goal was to be able to transmit documents from one person to another in a matter of seconds, not days, regardless of their physical location.
  3. Eliminate expensive IT personnel and equipment costs by using a cloud-based vs premises-based solution.
  4. Coordinate with the accounting department for reporting receipts.
  5. Eliminate file storage problems and inefficiencies.
  6. Implement the solution without any lost days of productivity due to software changeover.

The PSIGEN Solution

Traffic Law Center started searching for a document management solution the modern-day way, by browsing the web and seeking referrals from their current vendors. Eventually, they came across PSIsafe, and after learning more about the company and its offerings, found they also had a cloud-based solution called PSIsafe CLOUD.

PSIsafe CLOUD included all of the features and functionality which were required to meet their primary goals, but with the added benefit that they did not have to purchase a server and run the software on the internal network because it works via a SaaS subscription model. A key benefit traffic Law Center discovered with the PSIGEN solution was that utilizing a cloud-based solution, they received automatic software upgrades and system backups included as part of the service.

“Compared to other solutions available on the market, PSIsafe and PSIsafe CLOUD were more flexible and versatile, and could be fashioned to accommodate our specific needs.”

Robin Sullivan


Since implementing PSIsafe CLOUD more than 7 years ago, Traffic Law Center has seen some pretty remarkable changes. For instance, the speed at which they can open a file and get the information to an attorney has gone from days to minutes. Through PSIsafe’s workflow feature they can avoid paperwork bottlenecks and monitor staffing needs. Traffic Law Center has vastly improved the quality of the documents that are prepared and mailed to courts, clients and colleagues.

Traffic Law Center has also seen a dramatic reduction in postage costs by implementing a procedure for email communication with their clients. Additionally, the “trace” and “reports” features of PSIsafe allows them to pinpoint problematic issues in workflow and productivity, and solve these problems factually rather than anecdotally, meaning, they can run the actual number of cases handled, log in and log off statistics, see who has work still in their workflow at the end of a day, etc., so that manpower can be allocated to various sectors of the practice.

In the end, it is all about client service. Their customers appreciate that they can call Traffic Law Center at any time and get the information they need, instantly. They do not have to wait for the staff person to go and retrieve a hard copy file, flip through it and provide the information they want. It’s click-click-click. Happy client!

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