Case Study: Managing Sensitive HR Files in Growing Pediatric Dentistry

The Smile Lodge provides direct access to the region’s top Pediatric Dental Professionals. With a focus on infants, children, and teens in Clifton Park and surrounding areas, The Smile Lodge serves over 45,000 patients. What separates The Smile Lodge from other dentistries is its commitment to providing excellent care in a warm and relaxed setting, where every parent and child is truly respected and treated with the utmost dignity. Established in 2007, The Smile Lodge’s success led to a growing practice that now provides employment to over 150 staff. “This isn’t an average office. We are a group of people that are on fire with the idea that every single child deserves to smile,” said John McDonnell, dentist and founder of The Smile Lodge.

The Problem

As the dentistry grew, so did the problem of managing Human Resource (HR) records. The Smile Lodge needed to eliminate the expanding row of file cabinets dedicated to HR records. They also needed to make the entire process of screening and managing HR records more efficient and simplify maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. Sustaining a consistent onboarding and termination processes was also proving difficult using a paper-based system.

The PSIGEN Solution

The Smile Lodge already had solutions for managing payroll and running the practice. Unfortunately, these system’s document management capabilities were expensive add-ons and didn’t offer all the tools needed
to manage HR records. eBizDocs, a premier digital transformation provider in the New York Capital Region, sat down with Lena Lancto, VP of Human Resources to get an understanding of her challenges and vison for the future. The need to go paperless became clear and eBizDocs recommended PSIsafe Document Management System (DMS) from PSIGEN.

eBizDocs demonstrated how PSIsafe easily supported all the HR cabinets and filing structures required to simplify compliance while keep employee I-9 files separate and secure. Lancto was impressed with the amount of control and automation PSIsafe brought to all its documents. “With PSIsafe, all documents are automatically named and filed correctly”, said Lancto, “This makes locating any document quick and easy.”

“PSIsafe is a perfect fit for HR departments,” said Jason Abare, Vice President eBizDocs. “We have several customers taking advantage of its unique ability to improve efficiency.’” With a single click, PSIsafe can automatically create and prepopulate documents with employee information and then workflow these documents across the organization for review and approvals. Audit logs and retention policies enforce compliance and help safeguard an organization against a legal challenge. The Smile Lodge is also working with eBizDocs to see how the system can expand to support other paper intensive areas such accounting payables and receivables. “The Smile Lodge is a great example of a successful collaboration with eBizDocs, an industry leading PSIGEN channel partner,” said Bruce Hensley, CEO, PSIGEN. “Together they are solving many critical paper related business challenges.”

“The Smile Lodge is a great example of a successful collaboration with eBizDocs, an industry leading PSIGEN channel partner. Together they are solving many critical paper related business challenges.”

Bruce Hensley


The Smile Lodge is saving floor space and managing all employee records for a fraction of the cost of paper-based filing. Documents are immediately accessible by authorized users and the system replicates proven business processes. According to Lancto, “Between satisfying the Human Resource compliance requirements and efficiency improvements, we are very satisfied with the Return on Investment (ROI) and are exploring other areas to apply PSIsafe.”

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