Case Study: BPO Relies on PSIcapture to Scan 2 Million Pages per Week

Stria is a fast-growing, nationwide provider of document lifecycle services. The company focuses on both conventional and mobile document imaging work. The Stria Lifecycle Method provides a complementary family of integrated services that turns documents into digital assets. PSIGEN began providing Stria with advanced capture software in 2005. “We were looking for a strategic software supplier that could treat us as a critical strategic customer, as much more than a number,” said Jim Damian, President of Stria. “PSIGEN has provided that and more.”

The Process

The Problem

By serving customers in the government, legal, financial services and healthcare markets, Stria was experiencing rapid growth. Document imaging service requirements varied widely from engagement to engagement, and the demands placed on the advanced capture software system required tremendous flexibility. Stria needed to partner with a document capture provider that would be able to keep up with the quickly growing needs of the company.

Solution Requirements

With a broad and diverse customer base across many different vertical markets, Stria had two major requirements:

  1. The solution had to have the ability to configure very complex scanning, separation and indexing scenarios in minutes without a technical, IT- type person or programmer, and
  2. The solution needed to allow porting of captured images, metadata and searchable PDFs into many different formats and document management systems, again without a programmer or IT person.

The PSIGEN Solution

“PSIcapture supports these rapid configurations and PSIGEN has partnered with us to develop the new migrations required by our customers. In addition, they have provided continuous industry and application engineering expertise to help us to define output formats, optimal capture workflow, separation methods, and related business processes to ensure the most efficient and accurate production results. Stria’s processing costs have significantly decreased since implementing the PSIcapture system.”

Jim Damian

Capture Software

PSIGEN PSI capture Enterprise

The most challenging process in any document imaging service operation is indexing. Stria has mastered use of the full set of tools available within PSIcapture to automate indexing. Over 90% of the documents processed by Stria today are indexed automatically using the many methods built into PSIcapture. Additionally, Stria gets extensive benefit from deploying the highly configurable separation, indexing and output options—architecture that is built into PSIcapture. Multi-dimensional separation scanning applications performed by Stria include patient medical records, student records and legal matter files.

The Quality Assurance features within the product provide powerful tools that allow the operators to ensure quality output of both data and images. Through the interface, users can switch from tree to data view, perform image processing, and use the product’s flagging system to perform a variety of functions. This fully featured module can be custom configured and inserted at any step within the workflow.

Since forming in 2005, Stria has quickly emerged as one of the fastest-growing document processing businesses in the world. Current processing capacity is about 2,000,000 pages per week. This capacity is growing at about 20% each quarter, driven by the unique value that current and new customers receive from multiple unlimited scan stations. The unlimited licensing model provided by PSIGEN has allowed for unmetered growth, without the concern over “per-click” charges and changes in profitability.


PSIcapture is one of the core software systems driving document imaging services for Stria. PSIGEN and Stria have formed a strategic relationship built upon trust, responsiveness and a commitment to consistently exceed customer requirements. Stria wanted a core capture system that was open architecture, supported by knowledgeable and responsive people, and evolving constantly to embrace new needs. PSIGEN and PSIcapture have answered the call.

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