PSIcapture & SharePoint Deliver Next-Generation Patient Records Management Solution for Underground Vaults & Storage

Since 1959, Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) has provided records and information management solutions to the business community. UV&S specializes in secure records and asset storage and management and serves national and international clients representing numerous industries, including healthcare, legal, financial, insurance, cultural, oil/gas, entertainment and government.

The Problem

UV&S initiated a project in the fall of 2007 to create a secure medical records management portal for one of the largest Pediatric Clinics in the state of Kentucky. The project goal was to deliver secure, HIPAA-compliant online access to active patient records. After a thorough test pilot of alternative hardware and software combinations for document capture, Underground Vaults & Storage selected the combination of PSIGEN PSIcapture, Kodak I660 and Windows SharePoint Services to deliver record management portal services to the client.

The project benefits include enhanced patient care through instant medical record access, integration between the Clinic’s new EMR system and the portal, and the successful recovery (for physician use) of two whole examining rooms, which had previously been required for the storage of paper records.

How did PSIGEN help Underground Vaults & Storage solve a complex problem for their client?

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