HR Paperwork Management for High Turnover, 24/7 Casino

Casinos and racinos face unique HR challenges including high turnover and the need to access personnel files at any time of day or night. PSIsafe for HR relieved every pain Hollywood Casino Toledo had and more.

The Problem

When the Penn National Gaming opened Hollywood Casino Toledo in 2012, the entire HR department was paper-based. Pre-open hiring for Hollywood brought more than 1300 employees onto the team—each with 20-30 pieces of paperwork—resulting in tens of thousands of personnel documents.

The gaming industry has an exceptionally high turnover rate. An average of 30 employees are hired each month to replace those who have separated from the company.

Like many HR departments, Hollywood Casino maintained a locked file room that housed the approximately 30,000 personnel forms and reams of other documentation. HR team members were scheduled for 3 to 4 hour stretches spent exclusively on filing. It was a waste of time and talent, and still resulted in incomplete files and missing information.

Within just a few months, human resources director Jason Morris and his team of 10 HR professionals were buried in paper. “I asked the team what should have been a simple question: Do we have proper documentation for all our employees?” Morris recalls. “We didn’t know. And we couldn’t find out without going through every file and looking at every piece of paper. By hand. That was the turning point.”

However, their initial experiment with a standard paperless system was just short of a disaster. It consisted of transitioning existing electronic document management software they were using in the corporate accounting department into Hollywood’s HR department to help reduce the burden of physical documents.

It wasn’t long before Morris realized the system just wasn’t a good fit. Documentation wasn’t easily accessible and employees weren’t comfortable with it so they were printing out files anyway.

How did PSIGEN help the Hollywood Casino keep track of all their HR documents while making them easily accessible?

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