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PSIGEN Case Studies

  1. TOPIC: Retail

    Wheatbelt Improves Invoice Processing and Data Entry with PSIcapture

    With more than 175 active company members and over 400 retailer outlets from coast to coast, it was a vital part of Wheatbelt’s business to facilitate all sales activities via vendor to the retailer as seamlessly as possible. Prior to the company’s conversion in processes, Wheatbelt was receiving roughly 20k paper invoices a month, which were being received from Wheatbelt’s vendors, then re-distributed out to the retail stores so consumer pricing could be established and completed prior to merchandise being sold.

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  2. TOPIC: Retail

    Reducing File Cabinet Storage With Steve Silver Co.

    “In just the first year of implementing this solution, we’ve seen savings well in excess of six figures, and that’s just in raw wage savings. We’ve also seen a huge increase in productivity with sales staff—something that’s hard to quantify but is major for the company.”

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