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PSIGEN Case Studies

  1. TOPIC: AP Invoice Processing, Financial

    Meeting Aggressive Acquisition Goals

    American Solutions for Business had become heavily focused on customer acquisition and laid out a strategic goal of double-digit sales increases with no new payroll additions. They were also acquiring multiple lower-volume distributors who were accustomed to achieving quick turnarounds for their customers. Their system for processing and paying out invoices, however, was manual, laborious and very, very slow.

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  2. TOPIC: AP Invoice Processing, Government, Non-profit

    Regulatory Audits Leave Nonprofit Agency Burdened with Paper

    Because ETHRA is a nonprofit agency that receives federal, state and local funding, they are required to retain extremely accurate records of the services they provide, for audit purposes. Keeping these documents on file was creating an issue for ETHRA’s Accounts Payable department. In order to maintain accurate records, they were storing physical invoices and manually matching them to the corresponding check stubs. This process was very time-consuming. Every time ETHRA went through an audit, they would have to manually retrieve the files and then return them to the file cabinets.

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  3. TOPIC: AP Invoice Processing, Services

    Industrial Supplier Relieves Accounts Payable Pain with PSIcapture

    Lewis-Goetz was receiving roughly 200,000 vendor invoices a year. The Accounts Payable department consisted of seven employees who would open mail, sort it and then key in all the information into the ERP system to pay off the invoices. After the invoices were paid, they had to be scanned into their document management system, which required manually entering information from the invoices into two different systems.

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