How to Augment, Automate & Extend Key Workflows

PSIcapture 7.2 includes Box, QuickBooks, and Dynamics GP Migrations.

Automating your data migration is an important part of working the way you want. Not surprisingly, migrations are an often-requested feature. That’s why PSIGEN offers numerous migrations included in PSIcapture without the extra fees.

We’ve updated and added several migrations to PSIcapture, including: Box, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Intuit QuickBooks Desktop, and Laserfiche. With this release, PSIcapture continues to extend your ability to migrate beyond conventional content management systems into primary line of business applications.

Box Migration

This migration allows Box customers to leverage the power of PSIcapture to automate content creation in the Box platform directly. The migration pairs nicely with its counterpart migration template. You can use this template when creating a new capture profile to speed up your implementations.

Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Migration and Lookups

The new QuickBooks Desktop migration allows QuickBooks Desktop customers to utilize PSIcapture to create bills, purchase orders, and several other transaction types within QuickBooks Desktop. Choose any of the seven available Transaction Types to work with and create capture profiles with header and line item mappings from pre-defined templates. Available transaction types and templates currently include:

  1. Bill
  2. Vendor Credit
  3. Invoice
  4. Credit Memo
  5. Purchase Order
  6. Sales Order
  7. Journal Entry

To make implementation of the migration more useful we thought it best to add in some data lookups, including:

  1. Customers
  2. Vendors
  3. Accounts
  4. Items
  5. Classes
  6. Terms

Microsoft Dynamics GP Migration

This migration allows Dynamics GP customers to harness PSIcapture to generate payables invoices, purchase orders, and several other transaction types within Dynamics GP. Choose any of the six available transaction types to work with and create profiles mappings from pre-defined templates. Available templates currently include:

  1. General Ledger (GL) Transaction
  2. Payables Credit Memo
  3. Payables Invoice
  4. Purchase Order
  5. Receivables Credit Memo
  6. Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Laserfiche Migration Updates

The Laserfiche API has been updated to version 10.2 for increased performance and enhanced migration features. We’ve corrected multi-record index data migration and migration to grouped field types; added the ability to assign metadata to folders via templates selected during configuration; and added the ability to set the OCR text on migrated images files.

Are Migrations It?

Of course, migrations aren’t the only thing we’ve added in this release. We’ve got a few new features to make your life easier and addressed some pesky bugs that should help with your sanity. But we’ll let you read the release overview and release notes for more on those. Our key goal in the release of PSIcapture 7.2 is to allow you to stay focused on what it is that you do best and leave the rest of the heavy lifting to us. Our approach to migrations follows suit, extending beyond standard content management systems into primary line of business applications. Often times, primary applications lack clean methods to ingest outside data, so PSIcapture is a great fit to help augment, automate, and extend your key workflows. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to enhance these migrations. 

Ken Stewart

Ken Stewart

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