AP Invoice Header Processing with Document Capture Software

ACE boosts efficiency through simplified invoice processing.

Processing invoices is a pain point in many organizations. According to a survey included in an AIIM report, when asked about the biggest barrier to success in improving Accounts Payable operations, most respondents cited an over reliance on people and paper-based processes.

PSIcapture’s Classification feature not only automates invoice processing, but also simplifies the configuration of new vendor invoices. By using the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) for invoice processing, you can eliminate paper-based processes more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Here’s a closer look at invoice header processing with the Accelerated Classification Engine:

  1. Select your Capture Profile. You can customize various Capture Profiles to coincide with the type of files you will be processing.
  2. Choose the scanned documents or imported files that you want to capture. If you have auto-import enabled, these documents can be automatically routed into the capture workflow.
  3. Run Classification. Classification will first use OCR to make the documents intelligent. From there, if you have connected PSIcapture to your existing database, Classification will perform pattern-matching to determine which vendors have been imported.
  4. If there are new vendors that are not located in your database, they will show as an exception. You can choose to have exceptions sent to an administrator via email, or to handle them within PSIcapture as you are processing invoices.
  5. Adding a new vendor in the Classification step is made extremely simple with the Accelerated Classification Engine. Essentially, ACE allows you to teach the software the new vendor. By configuring the new vendor one time, (mid-batch) the Capture Profile you created is now available for the next time you receive an invoice from that vendor. Simply use the point-and-click rule builder to define a unique value for the invoice—this will usually be a telephone number or a fax number.
  6. Once the software has been trained on the new vendor, other operators will not be promted to train PSIcapture on the same vendor. Teach the software once, let automation take over from that point.
  7. Validate the smart zones that ACE just created during the point-and-click step. You can adjust the zones if necessary to accommodate any variances you might see in future invoices.
  8. PSIcapture automatically extracts the information.
  9. Move on to Quality Assurance, where you can validate the data that has been automatically extracted.
  10. PSIcapture migrates the images and metadata into your repository.
  11. If you need, PSIcapture also migrates the data to your Line of Business application such as an ERP system.

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