Announcing PSIsafe 12 with Advanced Indexing & Search Functionality

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Instant, Enterprise-Wide Document Searching

PSIGEN, provider of business automation and digital transformation technology that allows you to work the way you want, announced the release of PSIsafe 12.0 document management software featuring both document and folder-level indexes, advanced search, DocuSign eSignature integration and other new features for increased productivity, and agility.

Instant Document Search & Retrieval

With PSIsafe 12’s advanced search functionality, knowledge workers can instantly retrieve documents by searching multiple keywords as well as ranges of numbers and dates. Searches that were once difficult to perform now only take moments, so your employees spend more time working and less time searching.

For example, you can use advanced search to find:

  • Invoices between $1,000 and $10,000 or any other amount
  • Missing onboarding documents for all new employees
  • Claims submitted last March or any other timeframe
  • POs for a specific type of part or vendor
  • EOBs for a specific type of service or dollar amount range
  • Loan applications over $100,000 submitted last month

How PSIsafe 12 Advanced Search Works

Advanced search works based on document-level indexing: capturing all document information contained in its metadata, also called index data. This index data includes keywords, numbers and dates, and is either captured automatically with advanced capture software like PSIcapture or is manually entered.

Other document management software applications act like electronic filing cabinets and you can only search based on keywords located in document file names.

With advanced search, PSIsafe 12 acts more like a document database than a bucket full of documents, allowing you to search across all index data from your documents, which includes text, numbers and dates.

DocuSign Integration

PSIsafe 12 users can acquire digital signatures with DocuSign eSignature using their own DocuSign accounts.

DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. Nearly 750,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business.

Increase Productivity & Agility

In addition to finding and sorting documents faster, PSIsafe 12 also includes the following new features:

  • View, add, edit, and delete document-level index data as needed
  • Automatically route documents based on document-level index data
  • Auto-generate file names from document metadata
  • Supports AP processing through both document and line item-level index types

With mobile document access, third-party integration and advanced capture, PSIsafe 12 offers enterprise-level document management and workflow capabilities for organizations of any size.

“The latest update for PSIsafe 12 focuses on speed and agility,” said Bruce Hensley, CEO of PSIGEN. “Our goal is to help clients end manual and repetitive tasks, quickly find the documents they need, and boost productivity.”

How to Learn More

Digital transformation should be an investment that pays off quickly. On average, PSIGEN clients have recouped their initial investments back in a little as 12-18 months. After that, some customers have seen up to 4 days a month in processing saved, or almost 25% savings!

With the additional time savings created by enhanced search capability, you are likely to gain more, sooner. Contact PSIGEN or an authorized integrator partner to see a personalized demo of PSIsafe 12.

Contact us for a demo, quote or to learn more about PSIsafe 12 document management software

Jessica Rivers

Jessica Rivers

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