Are Your Processes Built on an Advanced Capture Foundation?

It all starts with capture.

Where do your business processes begin? Is it at the scanning device, where you input documents to be routed into your systems? Or perhaps the starting point is the content management system, where you go to locate the information you need to help you get your job done. While you could possibly make a case for these as potential starting points of your business processes, we’d have to argue that the real starting point is advanced capture.

Advanced capture is to your business process what turning the key in the ignition is to driving your vehicle. Without the capture process to kick your systems into gear, the vehicle that is your business process can’t drive. The key to making it all come together is capture.

The moment a document arrives at your desktop, it can be automatically ingested by PSIcapture’s auto import feature. PSIcapture then goes on to process the document so that it can eventually be accessed through the various content management systems your organization uses. It all starts at the desktop. It all starts with advanced capture.

Why does this matter? Understanding the role advanced capture plays in your processes—that it’s not only an integral component, but the key player in your business processes—is crucial to understanding its value to your organization. Capture isn’t an add-on to your workflow after you’ve set up the scanning hardware and the document management system. When you’re building the system for managing your organization’s information, advanced capture is the foundation.

The great news about choosing PSIcapture as this foundation is that the software is compatible with nearly any multi-function printer, network scanner or fax server, and has the ability to migrate or publish images and data to roughly 60 ECM systems. This versatility allows organizations that are just beginning to build their document management processes to start with PSIcapture and branch out to virtually any third party systems they want. It’s also good news for organizations that already use various hardware and software systems to manage their documents. PSIcapture can be easily installed and connected with these existing systems to provide the advanced capture services missing from your current workflow.

Ready to kick start your business processes with PSIcapture? Learn more about PSIGEN’s advanced capture software here or contact us to speak to an advanced capture professional!

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