How to Achieve Organization Efficiency with PSIcapture

Automated Document Capture & Advanced Data Extraction Makes Processing Documents a No-Brainer

Think of some of the most efficient systems or appliances you have in your home.

Maybe you’re thinking of the central air, the dishwasher or your home security system. What do these types of systems have in common? They’re automated processes. Once the settings on these applications are properly configured, you just hit the Start button and they go to work. You don’t have to think about them—they just run on their own.

Truly efficient document capture and data extraction can work the same way. While you know your system is there and it’s doing its job, the end-user interaction with it can be almost nonexistent for it to function properly.

Essentially, automated capture becomes like flicking on a light switch. Once your automated workflow has been configured, PSIcapture can process your documents in the background so that after you scan a document, you don’t need to deal with it again until you search for it in your ECM system.*

That’s what efficiency is—being able to accomplish tasks with optimal time and cost savings, with minimal manual work required.

By combining features like auto-import, Classification, Advanced Data Extraction and migration, PSIcapture can create a seamless process from scan time to publishing into your document management system. The robust technology makes the process of turning your documents into searchable digital files as simple as hitting “Start” on the washing machine.

And don’t forget the most important part of the efficiency equation—an efficient document capture solution allows you to become a more efficient organization. With the time you save by automating your processes, you’ll be able to focus on other important tasks. Then when you need to find a document, it’ll be waiting for you in your repository. No time wasted searching, doing the paper shuffle and getting distracted from your important tasks.

Want to experience true efficiency? Contact a PSIGEN sales representative and ask about an automated capture solution!

*The exceptions to this are documents that are poor quality and fail to be read, or new document types that have yet to be configured in the system. However, with the introduction of the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) the process of creating a new document type for non-configured documents can be quickly and easily completed in the middle of a batch. More on ACE here.

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