A Sneak Peek at PSIcapture 5.4.1

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

PSIGEN will release PSIcapture Version 5.4.1 around July 13. The new version contains an array of useful updates to improve the user experience and reduce the time it takes to perform functions like Classification and Data Extraction.

Expanding ACE functionality

In April we released the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), which allows users to classify new document types in the middle of a batch, without having to stop the workflow. In the new version, ACE becomes faster and more efficient than ever. With ACE’s improved functionality, it won’t matter whether you are doing the very first setup of your documents or if it is your one millionth run—if ACE has never seen a certain document before, the document will be classified with the information ACE has accessed, and the user will simply verify that ACE is correct. Take a closer look:

New ACE features:

  • Auto Generate Forms from a Database: Currently, the user can build new Classification rules with ACE through point-and-click. With the 5.4.1 release, ACE will be able to connect to the user’s database and preconfigure Classification Forms and rules using already existing data. The end-user’s only job will be to validate the information the first time a new form is classified.With the ability to use existing data to create Classification Forms, ACE will make the process of setting up an organization with PSIcapture faster than ever. So fast, in fact, that users will be able to easily configure the classification of a document in less than a minute. Other document capture companies might be able to perform this function—but can they do it this accurately and this fast?
  • Auto Zone Creation: We’re expanding ACE’s functionality into the indexing/data extraction process, greatly reducing the time it takes to extract data from your documents. By utilizing information about what index data you want to collect, PSIcapture will look throughout the document at configuration time and auto-place smart zones when it finds the information needed for extraction. Just like with ACE’s database classification function, all the user will have to do to index the data is validate the placement of the smart zones one time for each document/record set combination.
  • Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration: If Zone Data Extraction fails on a document due to either misplaced zones or the absence of a matching Zone Profile, the end user can now edit the assigned profile, create an entirely new profile or manually select an existing profile to assign to the document. This brings the power of ACE and Classification Forms to the Index module and Zone Definition Profiles.

There’s never been a better time to see what PSIcapture has to offer your business. With an incomparable level of automation and flexibility, PSIcapture is the key to unlocking your organization’s potential.

To learn more, contact a sales representative here or email sales@psigen.com.

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