5 Document Capture & Scanning Myths Debunked

Addressing some common misconceptions about capture.

Is document capture really right for your organization? Will it be worth your time and money? Is there even a difference between the multitudes of programs out there that all claim to meet your document capture needs? If you’re considering document capture for your business, you might have some similar questions rolling around your mind.

Like any other technology on the market, document capture is subject to a wealth of misconceptions. Allow us to debunk 5 myths about document capture to help you make an informed decision for your business:

  1. It will take a long time to see ROI on document capture. In the early days of document capture, companies certainly had to weigh this concern when considering their solution—but times have changed. For instance, PSIcapture’s ability to create new document type configurations on the fly through the Accelerated Classification Engine has reduced the time it takes to set up a PSIcapture implementation from what once took several days to mere minutes or even seconds. Configuration does not require extensive setup time, so your organization can realistically begin to see a return on investment within days.
  2. Document capture is a one-size-fits-all solution. Document capture should never be one-size-fits-all. From size to industry type to growth rate, every business is different. PSIGEN fully recognizes that the needs of businesses are extremely variable, which is why our software (and its 40,000+ options) is fully customizable and scalable. It’s also compatible with just about any scanning device and more than 60 ECM systems, truly making it a solution for any organization.
  3. All capture programs are the same. Because nearly every ECM provider has some version of a document scanning/capture platform, it might be tempting to assume all capture software is the same. However, there are very stark differences between a basic scan program and an advanced document capture program. Check out our blog post Advanced Capture 101 for details on some of those differences. The bottom line is that PSIGEN advanced document capture provides a level of automation and efficiency that basic scan programs simply do not have. Capture is what we do. All of our innovation and development efforts are spent on perfecting capture to a science, and you’ll see that difference in our product.
  4. Your company needs to have a large IT staff to deal with the capture program. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. PSIGEN software can be programmed for such a high level of automation that most of your staff won’t even need to know it’s running. Besides an administrator who deals with exceptions, PSIcapture’s automated capture and extraction technology can essentially be a self-running mechanism.
  5. Document capture is only necessary for large companies. The truth is every company can benefit from document capture. In fact, document capture might even be more important for smaller businesses, as it allows for increased productivity and efficiency. When you have a limited staff, you need to be able to utilize everyone’s abilities to the fullest. With your employees freed up from doing manual scanning and data entry tasks, they can optimize their time and become a much more powerful workforce.

Have more questions or concerns about document capture? We’d be happy to answer them for you! Shoot our sales team a quick message and they’ll get in touch with you. Want more information on the PSIGEN difference? Learn more about what makes us unique in these blog posts.

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