Automated Redaction: How PSIcapture Works

Remove Your Customers’ Personal Information from Documents with PSIcapture’s Automatic Redaction Function.

Document redaction—the safe removal of sensitive information from documents—is a crucial element of the advanced capture process for many organizations. Documents containing personally identifiable information like social security numbers or credit card and bank account information often require redaction before they can be stored in a company repository or distributed outside of the organization.

For most companies, manually redacting information from documents would be a costly and time-consuming process. Manual redaction is also a security concern; depending on the method used, a hacker might be able to uncover the sensitive data hidden on a digital document, compromising the security of that information. If your organization is a government agency, law firm, financial institution, or any type of company that deals with sensitive personal information, PSIcapture’s redaction capabilities can help you secure that information quickly and efficiently.

Here are 5 advantages of using PSIcapture to auto-redact sensitive data from documents:

  1. Easily build redaction rules with PSIcapture’s rule builder function. Instead of manually parsing documents for data that needs to be redacted or relying on static zones that can’t adapt to variable forms, you can easily build rules in PSIcapture to identify the information that needs to be redacted. PSIcapture will then use pattern matching technology to find the specified data and redact it.
  2. Automatically redact sensitive information. Once the redaction rules are defined, PSIcapture can perform auto processing, which allows the software to automatically locate the specified data in each document and redact it.
  3. Quickly validate that information was correctly redacted. PSIcapture’s Quality Assurance feature allows you to easily validate that documents have been properly modified, and to quickly make any necessary adjustments.
  4. Perform full or partial redaction. While you might need to hide an entire social security number for some documents, others might require you to leave the last four digits visible. PSIcapture makes it easy to perform partial redaction when necessary.
  5. Seamlessly migrate the documents to a repository. PSIcapture’s migration feature makes it easy to publish the clean, original version to a repository and separately migrate the redacted copy to another location. This is perfect if you want some users to only access the redacted document, while allowing a different set of users to access the original document.

Want to learn more about PSIcapture’s redaction capabilities, and find out more ways advanced capture can benefit your organization? Check out more blog posts on our advanced capture features or contact a PSIGEN expert today!

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