HR Document Capture: 4 Reasons to Choose PSIcapture

Advanced document capture transforms the HR department.

If you had to associate one word with Human Resources, what would it be? Maybe employees or hiring? How about paperwork? If you work in HR, you know all too well how much paperwork is involved in this department. From background checks to new hire paperwork to performance reviews, working in HR can seem like an upstream battle against an endless flow of paper.

That’s where PSIcapture comes to the rescue. Our advanced document capture program helps you quickly and easily convert that endless flow of paperwork into well-organized, fully searchable digital documents.

Here are 4 reasons to choose PSIcapture for your Human Resources department:

  1. Automated workflow: Take the manual labor out of the HR department with a seamless PSIcapture workflow. With our Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), you can quickly configure a new document type with a few clicks and from then on the system will recognize it. Simplify on-boarding, payroll, performance reviews, and any other HR task with PSIcapture’s automation features.
  2. Security: Keep employee files secure and confidential. PSIcapture’s security feature allows you to define user roles, so you have control over who has access to certain document types. As an administrator, you can also view the active history of any user. PSIcapture also integrates with your ECM’s security, ensuring there are no gaps in security from the time you import to the time documents are stored in the repository.
  3. Compliance: PSIcapture helps you remain compliant with your company’s regulations. Oftentimes human resources is required to keep employee information on file for a long time, even after an employee leaves the company. PSIcapture allows you to comply with these requirements without having to physically keep the documents on file. Keeping these documents on file digitally also reduces the risk of them being lost or destroyed. In addition to storing your documents for the appropriate time frame defined by your retention schedule, PSIcapture also allows you to easily see which documents might be missing from an employee’s file. Are you sure you have an I9 for every employee? How about the health care insurance enrollment or waiver for the Affordable Care Act. If you’re in the transportation industry, you can ensure you have all the required documents for medical check-ups. This can also apply to internal compliance documents—do you have non-disclosure forms for every employee? PSIcapture takes the guesswork out of it all.
  4. Integration: PSIcapture is the most versatile advanced capture system available, making it the perfect solution for your HR department. On the front end, PSIcapture is able to import documents from any network scanner, multifunction printer (MFP) or fax server. On the tail end, our advanced capture program has more than 60 ECM integrations. Choosing PSIcapture means you don’t have to change the systems you already have in place—simply add PSIcapture to your infrastructure and get the simplified, automated workflow you’ve been waiting for.

Ready to transform your Human Resources department? Our advanced capture pros are standing by to get you started on your journey to efficiency. Get in touch today!

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