4 Reasons Document Capture Software Boosts MFP Sales

PSIcapture Improves MFP Sales by Providing a Holistic Solution

Today’s multi-function printers are extremely advanced devices capable of accomplishing some highly advanced tasks. Although MFPs have many great features like connecting to mobile devices and exceptionally quick print and scan times, they simply do not function on their own as complete workflow solutions.

When you scan a document using an MFP, what you end up with is an image file in the folder you designated during scanning, or worse—sent to your email. Email servers are not designed to hold large volumes of images, and honestly, do you want more emails? The contents of that file are not searchable, the document has not been harvested for data and it is not stored in an ECM system. The document hasn’t been made usable by being scanned; it has simply been made into a digital image.

Modern businesses need solutions that do more than just create image files from their documents. They need to be able to convert their documents into usable data and to route them to their team’s document repository.

The best way to enhance the capabilities of an MFP is to offer a powerful, automated document capture solution alongside it.

Here are 4 reasons why PSIcapture is the ideal tool for the job:

  1. We don’t play favorites when it comes to scanning devices. No matter what type of MFP an organization uses, PSIcapture is able to communicate with that device to import scanned documents into a workflow. PSIcapture gives your customers the flexibility to choose the hardware that suits them best without any limitations from their software.
  2. The same holds true for content management systems. With migrations to over 60 DMS and ECM systems, PSIcapture is the most integrated document capture product available. We can also publish metadata into line of business software applications. No matter where your customers need to send their documents, PSIcapture can get them there.
  3. PSIcapture increases business efficiency. PSIcapture’s advanced document capture and data extraction capabilities, coupled with its cutting-edge automation features, improves business processes, reduces overhead costs and increases revenue. When you offer your clients a solution from PSIcapture, you’re offering them a chance to drastically change their business for the better.
  4. PSIcapture users are satisfied customers. PSIGEN has provided solutions to multitudes of organizations throughout the years, and our customers are consistently pleased with the positive results they have experienced as a result. Read some of those testimonials in this post.

Interested in boosting you hardware sales with PSIcapture? Contact our sales team here. And check out the benefits of partnering with PSIGEN at our Reseller Page.

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