20 Reasons to Celebrate PSIGEN’s 20th Birthday

Wednesday, November 11, officially marked 20 years since the birth of PSIGEN Software, Inc.

This week, PSIGEN Software turns 20 years old! It’s been an incredible adventure full of development, growth and learning opportunities, and our company is thrilled to find out what’s in store for us over the next 20 years.

For now, here are 20 great reasons PSIGEN has for celebrating on this special occasion:

  1. Development of industry-leading document capture and data extraction software, PSIcapture.
  2. A distributed indexing product, PSIfusion, that allows companies to leverage worldwide personnel assets for processing documents.
  3. Tremendous domestic and international growth, particularly in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  4. Development and expansion of our team of employees in every department.
  5. Successful transition to an entirely virtual company.
  6. Establishment of an official PSIGEN partner and user conference, Resonance, focused on developing knowledgeable PSIGEN experts.
  7. Creation of more than 60 ECM migrations, includig a robust integration with Microsoft SharePoint, to help meet the needs of many organizations.
  8. Product scalability that allows for growth or downsizing, depending on a business’s needs.
  9. Growth of our reseller network.
  10. Development of strategic industry partnershipsto give our customers the best solutions possible.
  11. Creation of panel integrationsfor several MFP providers for an easy user experience.
  12. Strategic training program to help resellers and customers become PSIGEN experts.
  13. Development of a world-class support team that works tirelessly to create solutions for our customers and partners.
  14. Creation of the Accelerated Classification Engine, which takes automation to the next level and simplifies document processing.
  15. Advanced Data Extractionand pattern-matching technology that automates and saves time during indexing.
  16. Connectivity to existing databases, allowing for automatic indexing based on existing data.
  17. A feature set that allows PSIGEN to optimize the use of any MFP and document management system.
  18. Successful solutionscreated for organizations in numerous industries, including healthcare, legal and education.
  19. An accounts payable solution that has proven to help reduce costs and improve efficiency in many businesses’ AP departments.
  20. Outstanding leadership that continues to propel PSIGEN forward as an industry leader in advanced capture and data extraction.
PSIGEN Software

PSIGEN Software

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