10 Benefits of PSIcapture for Service Bureaus & BPOs

How can PSIcapture improve service bureau processes?

Document management Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations and service bureaus have a unique set of needs when it comes to advanced capture software. As these companies often serve a wide range of clients in various industries, they require a level of versatility and scalability that can be difficult to find with most capture programs.

Unlike some document capture companies that have added some features to meet some needs of BPO companies, PSIcapture was built with the BPO/service bureau industry in mind. From the very beginning, PSIGEN has worked closely with service bureaus to build the features they need to help them thrive. As many of PSIcapture’s features were being created and developed, BPO organizations were some of the key partners testing them and providing feedback. PSIGEN’s origination in the service bureau industry is what makes it the optimal choice for advanced capture in this space

Here are 10 PSIcapture features that benefit document management BPO companies and service bureaus:

  1. Scalable framework: PSIGEN developed PSIcapture and its 40,000+ feature set to be fully customizable and scalable. This allows BPO companies to effectively scale their capture solution as they continue to change and grow.
  2. Seamless capture solution from start to finish: When you choose PSIcapture, you’re choosing a one-stop solution for all your document capture and indexing needs. From ingesting images from folders, locally attached scanners, or fax servers, to processing documents and finally migrating the images and data to any of our over 50 ECM systems, the entire process stays within the PSIGEN ecosystem.
  3. Device-agnostic image import capabilities: Whether you need PSIcapture to monitor a hot folder to auto-import documents, scan documents in from a high volume direct connect scanner, network scanner or multi-function device, or import documents from a wide format or microfilm/microfiche scanner, PSIcapture has a way to get your documents imported for capture.
  4. Integration capabilities with more than 50 ECM systems: When you run a large service bureau, chances are you have differing output needs for your various clients. PSIGEN had this need in mind when we built our advanced capture product, and we are continually adding new integrations to our repertoire. One of those 50+ ECM systems is Microsoft SharePoint – hundreds of thousands of companies around the world use SharePoint. How many of your clients or prospects have that platform?
  5. Unlimited licensing: The ability to capture as many images as you need to in a given year is crucial for BPO companies that take on multiple large projects each year.
  6. Non-recurring volume counts: If your company doesn’t have the need for an unlimited license, you can purchase these reserve banks of images if you take on a large project or to ensure you can continue to capture images if you exceed your license.
  7. PSIcapture unlimited workstation: Companies can use this workstation license to perform all the advanced processing tasks needed, with the exception of batch creation. This license is ideal for service bureaus with employees dedicated to performing document processing after the documents have been captured.
  8. PSIcapture scan only workstation: Built for unlimited scan environments, this workstation license can be used in conjunction with a high-speed scanner or to auto-import images to be processed.
  9. Efficient Quality Assurance features: BPO organizations and service bureaus can’t afford to compromise when it comes to quality assurance. PSIcapture’s QA feature set provides dual views so you can get a simple view of indexed data or a view that includes batch and folder structure. Users can also attach notes, tag items to be reviewed or deleted, and rotate and crop images. Other PSIcapture QA features include bates stamping, redaction and sorting/combining documents.
  10. Full-blown document automation: PSIcapture’s automation technology takes the pain out of document processing. With features like Classification and Advanced Data Extraction, you can create a document workflow that eliminates or greatly reduces the need to perform manual tasks.

Are you ready to take your document management BPO company to the next level, increase profitability, reduce manual work and become truly efficient? Contact a PSIGEN advanced capture expert today.

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