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MFP Scanning Solutions

psicapture mfdMany organizations are taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of multi-function printers (MFPs). One of the great functions of an MFP is the ability to connect to servers and networks, and scan documents to create digital copies. Storing documents digitally can allow your organization to reduce or eliminate the amount of physical files that need to be stored—helping to reduce cost and improve productivity within your workforce.

If you have begun to work to create a digital repository by scanning with your MFP, and perhaps have acquired or looked into the benefits of using an enterprise content management system (ECM) to organize your business’s files, you might have come across a few limitations to an MFP’s scanning capabilities. Some of these include:

  • MFPs lack standardization to ensure a repeatable scanning and capture process across multiple devices
  • Scanned documents produced by MFPs are images, not searchable documents
  • The scanning process on MFPs can be very time-consuming, as each document has to be individually scanned, named and placed into the correct location on the network
  • MFPs have no inherent capability to scan directly into enterprise applications
The best way to leverage the investment you’ve made in your MFP—and your ECM, if you have one or are in the market for one—is through PSIcapture for MFPs.

PSIcapture for MFPs is a third-generation distributed scanning and capture software product from PSIGEN. PSIcapture is able to connect to any MFP, network scanner or fax server, to enhance your device’s capabilities with advanced document capture. PSIcapture’s document capture solution bridges the gap between scanning documents with your MFP and providing them a permanent home in your content management system. With PSIcapture for MFPs you will be able to:

The benefits of PSIcapture in an MFP environment

  •  Convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  •  Automatically create organizational structures and file naming standards to avoid manual entry during scan time
  •  Automate document separation using barcode generation or PSIcapture's Classification module equipped with the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE)
  •   Automatically harvest important data from documents with Advanced Data Extraction to enhance searchability
  •   Connect to an existing database to automatically classify and index documents
  •   Seamlessly migrate searchable PDFs to more than 60 ECM systems
PSIcapture makes your MFP a smarter device

PSIcapture for MFPs is the best way to make the most of your MFP scanning solution. If you are looking for a way to streamline your scanning process, while at the same time reduce costs, increase productivity and promote efficiency in your organization, PSIcapture is the solution.

  • Canon ScanFront 330 Panel

    Canon ScanFront 330 Panel

    With its compact design and networked scanning capabilities, the Canon ScanFront 330 is the perfect scanner for multiple-user office environments. PSIGEN’s routing panel for the Canon ScanFront 330 provides for a quicker, more efficient workflow for users who scan documents using these scanners.

    The panel displays a set of buttons representing various document categories. Users can select the appropriate category and scan documents, which are automatically routed to PSIcapture.

    Demo Video

  • Sharp OSA Panel

    Sharp OSA Panel

    The PSIcapture Routing panel for Sharp’s multi-function printers provides operators with a quick and easy method for routing scanned documents directly to PSIcapture. The operator presses a button on the control panel that describes the document type, and the document is routed to the appropriate location for auto-import and processing.

  • Toshiba Routing Panel

    Toshiba Routing Panel

    What makes PSIcapture’s Toshiba Panel so unique is that it allows the user to send documents through a full PSIcapture workflow by simply selecting a destination at scan time. The key to the Panel’s powerful functionality is in the configuration. The Panel routes scanned documents into a PSIcapture workflow, which can be fully automated to require little-to-no user intervention. PSIcapture then migrates the processed documents to the destination—an ECM or other document repository. This whole process can be accomplished by scanning with the PSIcapture Routing Panel for Toshiba.

    Demo Video

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