PSIGEN Software, Inc. Acquires Cabinet Document Management Solutions

PSIGEN Software, Inc. has acquired Cabinet Document Management Solutions. PSIGEN will offer SAFE for premise and CLOUD deployments through its 500-plus authorized resellers.

The merging of these two market-leading companies creates a new and innovative combination of capture, workflow and document management, backed by industry veterans from the technical support team to channel development to top management.

This acquisition is rooted in a successful 17-year partnership that has delivered a complete document process automation solution to customers to drive efficiency and compliance. Combining PSIGEN Advanced Capture with Cabinet’s SAFE Workflow and Document Management provides PSIGEN and Cabinet value-added resellers with a truly integrated and proven suite of software to help their customers transform the way they manage mission-critical documents, processes and business information.

PSIGEN remains strongly and fully committed to its customers. This means customers will not only have access to a suite of world class automation tools, they’ll also have the benefit of the same high level development and support you have grown accustomed to.

How is this good for me, the customer?

PSIGEN and Cabinet have partnered for the past 17 years to offer integrated capture and document management. Now, as one company, PSIGEN offers a complete solution from capture to document management to workflow. As our customer, you can rely on us to provide all or part of this solution to help you automate your business processes.

I am a PSIGEN customer. What is going to happen to PSIcapture and PSIfusion?

PSIGEN’s software product line and employees will not change. PSIGEN’s products PSIcapture and PSIfusion will continue to be developed and supported by PSIGEN’s dedicated team of capture professionals.

Does this acquisition affect how the products currently work (i.e. licensing, etc.)?

Everything will remain the same. It has no effect on how you log in to your account and does not impact your document and data security.

How is this not just another ECM?

The combination of these two leading companies does far more than deliver a powerful ECM to the marketplace. No other ECM for small to medium business has such robust Advanced Capture technology. Furthermore, these products are highly customizable and provide automation tools like no other at this price point. Each piece of this end-to-end solution can be utilized as a standalone product and has a powerful API that will enhance any other ECM in the marketplace.

Our approach to helping companies solve business problems and our commitment to making every project successful means we value our customers over the long haul. We believe every small, medium and large business should be able to afford to implement technology in a way that makes their employees more efficient, streamlines processes to support growth, and helps navigate ever-growing industry-specific regulatory pressure.

Who do we call for technical support?

Continue to contact technical support in the same way as you have in the past. The technical support teams will be cross training on the complete PSIGEN solution and it is our plan to continue to build on the high level of support that has been provided in the past. If you are a PSIcapture or PSIfusion customer or reseller, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tech support.

Do I have a new sales rep?

No, continue to work with your current sales representative.

Is anyone from PSIGEN leaving?

All PSIGEN employees will remain and will largely continue their current roles. Bruce Hensley will continue as CEO of PSIGEN Software, Inc.

Is anyone from Cabinet leaving?

All Cabinet employees will remain with PSIGEN. Abe Niedzwiecki, Cabinet’s President, will assume the role of PSIGEN’s CTO and Jon Clark, Cabinet’s VP of Sales, will assume the role of PSIGEN’s VP of Channel Sales. He will be working with the sales team to introduce SAFE, SAFE CLOUD and the integrated solution to the market. Most of the team will largely have the same roles and responsibilities.

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