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Perks of Partnership: Expanding Horizons with Workflow

4 Things to look forward to with the recent changes at PSIGEN

Perks of Partnership: Expanding Horizons with Workflow

PSIGEN has led the industry with best of breed document capture for the past two decades. We have always prided ourselves on our innovative, forward-thinking technology designed to solve business problems.

Over the past few years, we have seen the need arise for an expansion of our product offering. Customers and partners have increasingly expressed the desire for additional functionality from our software. After careful consideration, we decided to broaden our product lineup by acquiring our long-time partner Cabinet Document Management Solutions.

This move benefits our partners and customers by providing them with more options when it comes to implementing document process automation.

Here are 4 things to look forward to with the recent changes from PSIGEN:

  1. Our new technology allows for more flexible workflow and capture automation. The acquisition of Cabinet technology adds several tools to the PSIGEN lineup, including e-signature, workflow, content collaboration and secure document management. These tools can be used all together or separately, meaning users can choose which components work best for their business.
  2. Cloud and mobile are coming. The SAFE technology we have added to our offering is already cloud-based and mobile friendly. Our developers are working together to bring capture into these spaces, which will allow companies to accomplish their entire process in the cloud or through mobile.
  3. Get ready to break into new markets. The possibilities with this highly flexible, user-friendly technology are virtually limitless. The toolkit design allows for easy implementation, meaning we will be able to deploy some projects that will not even necessarily require a programmer. This will allow our partners to break into markets beyond their traditional focus industries.
  4. Subscription pricing is on the horizon. This pricing structure is beneficial to both resellers and customers. Subscription pricing can allow for shorter sales cycles, which then translate to more customers moving to automated processes much more quickly. The sooner an organization can deploy their capture automation project, the sooner they can reap the benefits of increased efficiency, lower costs and higher productivity.

Stay tuned over the coming months to learn more about PSIGEN’s expanded product suite. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with our automation experts today.

Perks of Partnership: Unlocking the Potential of the MFP

Multi-function printers have their limits—PSIcapture gives them endless possibilities

Perks of Partnership: Unlocking the Potential of the MFP

From value-added resellers and hardware companies to document management solution providers, PSIGEN has a wide range of partners and resellers. In this blog series, we examine the benefits of partnering with PSIGEN to offer your customers the best advanced document capture program on the market.

Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are far more resourceful than the copiers of the past. Whether a business wants the ability to print 100 pages per minute, produce beautiful high-resolution prints, connect to the cloud or even print from a mobile device, there’s an MFP to suit every business’s needs. MFPs also allow organizations to scan documents to create digital versions of their files. But when it comes to the scanning aspect of MFPs, is it enough to just provide companies with the hardware?

Without a document capture product, scanning documents from an MFP only produces a digital image. Sure, some MFPs will allow the user to route the scanned image to a specific folder, creating some semblance of structure to the process, but at the end of the day, the user is still left with nothing more than folders full of images that are not searchable. Thousands of files with information just waiting to be harnessed—untapped potential locked behind text the computer can’t read.

The key to accessing this valuable information and turning these static images into useful data is advanced document capture. Advanced capture does more than simply import scanned images—it transforms documents into searchable PDFs and harnesses the data.

Here are the 3 ways PSIGEN’s advanced capture program PSIcapture enhances the capabilities of an MFP:

Capture a Tax Deduction When You Invest in Efficiency

Take advantage of a significant tax reduction for 2016 when you purchase PSIcapture

Capture a Tax Deduction When You Invest in Efficiency

If you’ve done any poking around our website, you know that PSIGEN’s advanced document capture solution helps boost an organization’s efficiency. By reducing the time and effort involved in importing information and documents into your document management system, your business saves valuable time, money and resources, and your staff is able to focus on tasks that are more important than scanning and entering data.

That’s a lot of wins. But this time of year, a PSIcapture advanced capture system provides another benefit that serves as icing on the cost-benefit cake: a tax break. Investing in PSIcapture before the end of the year can reduce the taxed amount of your organization. According to the IRS website, “You can elect to recover all or part of the cost of certain qualifying property, up to a limit, by deducting it in the year you place the property in service.”

Software provided by PSIGEN Software, Inc. qualifies as “property” that your business can deduct as part of your 2016 expenses. This means you can invest in a system that reduces your employees’ time for data entry, increases the use of your document management system and secures your business a tax recovery.

The CEO and CFO of every organization are always looking to increase profitability, decrease liabilities and mitigate risk. By deploying an advanced capture solution like PSIcapture, you can harness the data buried within your documents. Doing so will allow your staff to make better decisions, provide improved customer service, manage the company’s assets more efficiently and leverage the best terms from their vendors (such as taking advantage of prompt pay discounts)—all while helping your organization reduce its taxable amount, if you act quickly.

To learn more about the tax benefit of Section 179, you should contact your company’s tax expert. To learn more about advanced capture, get in touch with the industry experts at PSIGEN today.

3 Examples of PSIcapture Solutions for Accounting

How can PSIcapture bolster your accounting department's processes?

3 accounting solutions using PSIcapture

Accounting is responsible for myriad day-to-day operations in an organization. The accounting department deals with everything from accounts payable and receivable, to inventory, payroll and other financial aspects of a company. Between keeping accurate records, paying invoices on time, processing incoming payments and managing any other financial needs, it is all too likely that this department will fall behind if these processes are dealt with manually.

Every accounting department can benefit from implementing an advanced capture solution to automate and simplify these complex, time-consuming processes. With a powerful feature set, flexible options and world-class support, PSIcapture is the ultimate accounting department tool.

Here are 3 examples of how companies have used PSIcapture to improve their accounting processes:

Top 7 Takeaways from Resonance 2016

Find out what we learned at #PSIres16

Resonance 7 Takeaways

With Resonance 2016 in the books, it's time to reflect on what we've learned and how it can be applied to our everyday lives as professionals in the document management industry. There was so much important material to take in and we hope everyone greatly benefited from the sessions and discussion opportunities.

Here are our 7 big takeaways from Resonance 2016:

PSIcapture: ECM's Greatest Asset—Not its Competition

Responses to 3 misconceptions about advanced capture's role with ECM systems

advanced capture such as psicapture is an asset to ecm

Being an extremely channel-focused company, PSIGEN has hundreds of resellers, many of which are highly focused on the ECM industry. The PSIGEN team sees this as a great opportunity to provide customers with full-scale solutions to their process problems and to enhance the capabilities of the ECM systems our resellers provide.

However, we understand there are certain difficulties that come along with reselling software. When you're dealing with multiple products, it can be tough to see how each one fits in the grand scheme of things. It can also be tricky to determine whether a product serves more as an asset to your other offerings or as a competitor.

Fortunately, PSIGEN's advanced capture tools are not designed to take the place of the ECM systems our resellers provide. Our products are truly built to integrate with these systems and provide organizations with an efficient end-to-end solution for their document processing.

An In-Depth Look at PSIGEN's Core Values

6 principles that make PSIGEN stand apart from the crowd

PSIGEN's Core Values

PSIGEN's advanced document capture products provide the most innovative, automated solutions in the industry, designed to help businesses solve even their most complex process problems. While we think it's extremely important to provide these great solutions, we believe the way we run our company is equally important. At PSIGEN, we strive to be your trusted software provider and business partner—a goal that is reflected in our core company values.

5 Reasons to Attend Resonance 2016

PSIGEN's third conference is just two months away - here's why you should register

PSIGEN's third Resonance conference is just over two months away, and we are expecting this to be our best year yet. Resonance 2016 is open to both our partners and our software users, meaning we'll have something for everyone. We'll provide valuable information from experts in management, sales and technical development and support.

Here are 5 great reasons to register for the 2016 Resonance PSIGEN Users & Partners Conference:

PSIGEN for Healthcare: Real-World Applications

How can PSIGEN be used to simplify healthcare processes?

PSIGEN for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is inundated with information, and there are a variety of areas within healthcare that deal with different types of information. For instance, the administrative side of the organization houses patient records, insurance information and patient satisfaction surveys, among other things. On the financial side are medical claims, billing documentation and invoice processing. On the educational side, there's the paper trail that follows medical providers including doctors, nurses and future doctors throughout their academic career.

This wide variety of information within the industry leads to a wealth of opportunity for implementing document management solutions. Here are just a few ways PSIGEN has been used by healthcare organizations to streamline their processes, cut costs and increase efficiency:

How Can PSIGEN Help You Capture ECM Sales?

Add Advanced Document Capture to your Product Lineup to Help Boost your ECM Sales

PSIGEN can help you capture ECM Sales

If you're an ECM reseller, you understand the value the product you offer brings to customers. Having a way to digitally store documents saves organizations a significant amount of money in labor, print and paper costs, and the cost to store and manage physical files.

What if you could provide customers with an even more cohesive solution that took their document management to the next level—a solution that combined automation, user-friendliness and cutting-edge technology to make processing documents easier than ever?

PSIGEN's advanced document capture and data extraction tools are the vital missing link between scanning documents and storing them in an ECM. By including these tools in the overall solution, you're providing customers with an integrative system that meets their document management needs from start to finish.

The PSIGEN Difference: The Ultimate On-Ramp

PSIcapture's compatibility with ECM systems makes it the smart choice for document capture

PSIcapture is the best capture onramp availableSuccessful business vary in industry type, size and purpose, but most of them share a few commonalities that contribute to their success. In the midst of more obvious qualities like exceptional customer service, company culture and having an effective business plan is a quality that is easily overlooked but extremely important: business processes. Successful businesses understand the importance of changing and improving their business processes in order to keep up with the evolving needs of customers and to make their businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

At PSIGEN, we understand this crucial business strategy, which is why we take the ever-changing needs of successful businesses into account when we develop the features of our software. One of the features that sets PSIcapture apart from other document capture and data extraction products is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a very wide range of document management systems. Whereas many capture software products are built to feed directly into a specific system or two, PSIcapture was built for true versatility.

Here are the 3 main advantages of PSIcapture's versatile migration feature:

4 Reasons Capture Boosts Hardware Sales

PSIcapture Improves MFP Sales by Providing a Holistic Solution

4 Reasons Capture Boosts Hardware Sales

Today's multi-function printers are extremely advanced devices capable of accomplishing some highly advanced tasks. Although MFPs have many great features like connecting to mobile devices and exceptionally quick print and scan times, they simply do not function on their own as complete workflow solutions.

When you scan a document using an MFP, what you end up with is an image file in the folder you designated during scanning, or worse—sent to your email. Email servers are not designed to hold large volumes of images, and honestly, do you want more emails? The contents of that file are not searchable, the document has not been harvested for data and it is not stored in an ECM system. The document hasn't been made usable by being scanned; it has simply been made into a digital image.

Modern businesses need solutions that do more than just create image files from their documents. They need to be able to convert their documents into usable data and to route them to their team's document repository.

The best way to enhance the capabilities of an MFP is to offer a powerful, automated document capture solution alongside it.

Here are 4 reasons why PSIcapture is the ideal tool for the job:

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