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PSIGEN solutions can be useful to organizations in a multitude of industries. In these blog posts, we provide information on implementing a capture solution for specific industries, along with real-world examples to help you better understand how your industry could benefit from document capture.

3 Ways to Use PSIGEN to Complement SharePoint & Office 365

PSIcapture & SAFE help users make the most of their SharePoint investments

3 Ways to Use PSIGEN to Complement SharePoint & Office 365

More than 85 million people actively use Office 365, and Microsoft reports that number will surpass 100 million early this year. Furthermore, more than 200,000 organizations use SharePoint. The popularity of these Microsoft enterprise platforms spans across industries and departments, and it’s easy to see why: they allow for highly customizable content and communication management to meet the needs of virtually any type of organization.

As vital as SharePoint is to many businesses, it isn’t an out-of-the-box program. SharePoint sites must be built and maintained, which can be time-consuming and inefficient for many businesses. That’s where PSIGEN can significantly increase the efficacy of SharePoint and Office 365.

Here are 3 ways to use PSIGEN to complement your SharePoint or Office 365 project:

  1. Build your SharePoint or Office 365 project with PSIGEN’s advanced capture and workflow options: Whether you’re starting your content management project from scratch or are working to improve what you already have, PSIGEN can help. Our products can seamlessly integrate with SharePoint and Office 365. Capture documents, automatically populate metadata fields, and create file-naming schemes and folder structures. PSIcapture’s automation features, including database lookup, the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) and Table Extraction, make these processes essentially painless.
  2. Organize your digital landfill: Has SharePoint become a virtual dumping ground for your business’s documents? You’re not alone. A study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) showed 27% of respondents had a stalled SharePoint project. Another 37% said their SharePoint project failed to meet their original expectations. SharePoint is a fantastic tool for managing content, but it generally can’t be treated as a standalone application. Unless you want to allocate several employees to manually inputting data and maintaining the site, a document capture program is necessary to easily make files searchable and to create organization within SharePoint.
  3. Let SAFE take over where SharePoint ends: Save money by utilizing PSIGEN’s content management platform SAFE for files you don’t readily need in SharePoint or Office 365. Since you’re paying for storage within your SharePoint site, SAFE can be used to complement SharePoint. For instance, if you’re using SharePoint for your Human Resources department, you might have all your employee records organized within your site. But what about employees who leave the company? Your industry may require you to keep these records on file, but why continue to pay premium for the space? You can easily transfer these files to SAFE. This way, you can retain the files in case you ever need them, but they don’t have to take up valuable storage space in your SharePoint site.

Looking for more information about PSIGEN for SharePoint? Check out our SharePoint document solutions and download our free whitepaper. You can also get in touch with a PSIGEN sales expert for more details.

4 Reasons to Choose PSIcapture for Your Human Resources Department

Advanced document capture transforms the HR department

4 Reasons to Choose PSIcapture for Your Human Resources Department

If you had to associate one word with Human Resources, what would it be? Maybe employees or hiring? How about paperwork? If you work in HR, you know all too well how much paperwork is involved in this department. From background checks to new hire paperwork to performance reviews, working in HR can seem like an upstream battle against an endless flow of paper.

That’s where PSIcapture comes to the rescue. Our advanced document capture program helps you quickly and easily convert that endless flow of paperwork into well-organized, fully searchable digital documents.

PSIcapture Features Law Firms Love

Advanced capture is an essential tool for the legal industry

PSIcapture Features Law Firms Love

If you work in a law firm or legal department, you know there’s no shortage of documents accompanying each and every case you take on. If your company is overwhelmed with physical files and you’re tired of dealing with inefficient paper processes, advanced capture is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

PSIcapture provides several advantages for law firms and legal departments. One obvious benefit is the reduction of physical documents and files that need to be stored and managed. PSIcapture can help eliminate the cost of document storage, so you can free up office space and stop paying costly offsite storage fees. But that’s just the beginning of the true benefits of PSIcapture for the legal industry. Other advantages include:

  • Confidential data is kept secure and compliance with regulatory agencies is maintained
  • Converting files to searchable PDFs makes finding documents a breeze
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure allows for a painless transition to paper-free processes
  • Automatic classification and indexing speeds up document processing

Here are 3 PSIcapture features your law firm will love:

  1. Document redaction: Legal documents often contain sensitive client information that needs to be protected. If you work in the legal industry, you are likely well acquainted with redaction. PSIcapture’s auto redaction feature makes the task of redacting information a breeze. PSIcapture’s advanced pattern matching technology can quickly parse documents for the data and automatically redact it, drastically reducing the time it takes to process documents.
  2. Integration with Case Management Systems: If your tech-savvy firm already employs a case management system or document management system, you don’t have to worry about moving those documents when you implement PSIcapture. Our advanced capture software integrates with more than 60 different systems, including several commonly used case management systems, like Concordance and Worldox.
  3. Automated Bates stamping: Stop wasting time with manual Bates stamping! In addition to taking up valuable time, the process is vulnerable to human error, which can lead to more setbacks. PSIcapture can perform automatic Bates stamping, providing an easy and accurate way to organize multipage documents.

Take control of your paper problem with advanced capture! Talk to an expert today to learn about your next steps toward pain-free document processing.

10 Benefits of PSIcapture for Document Management BPO Companies

How can PSIcapture improve service bureau processes?

10 Benefits of PSIcapture for Document Management BPO Companies

Document management Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations and service bureaus have a unique set of needs when it comes to advanced capture software. As these companies often serve a wide range of clients in various industries, they require a level of versatility and scalability that can be difficult to find with most capture programs.

Unlike some document capture companies that have added some features to meet some needs of BPO companies, PSIcapture was built with the BPO/service bureau industry in mind. From the very beginning, PSIGEN has worked closely with service bureaus to build the features they need to help them thrive. As many of PSIcapture's features were being created and developed, BPO organizations were some of the key partners testing them and providing feedback. PSIGEN's origination in the service bureau industry is what makes it the optimal choice for advanced capture in this space

Here are 10 PSIcapture features that benefit document management BPO companies and service bureaus:

3 Real-World Examples of PSIcapture for Business Process Outsourcing

BPO companies can gain efficiency and profitability with PSIcapture

3 Real-World Examples of PSIcapture for Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a growing industry in the document management space. When companies decide to convert their paper records and processes to digital format, outsourcing is often a viable option that allows them to have all the benefits of digital document management without the burden of taking on the task themselves. Outsourcing also allows an organization to turn the work over to a company with significant expertise in document management.

If you run a document management BPO organization, also known as a Document Service Bureau, you know how complex these jobs can be. Every industry has its own form and document types, not to mention regulations and compliance procedures that must be upheld. Within these industries, individual companies also have their own document types and goals for their document management projects. Taking on new clients and projects as a BPO company can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, PSIcapture was created with this very industry in mind. Here are 3 examples of how BPO organizations have used PSIcapture to help meet the needs of their customers:

4 Ways to Repurpose Accounting Staff After Automation

Now that staff is freed from manual processes, how can they better serve your organization?


So you've automated the accounting department, and your processes have become more streamlined and no longer require hours of manual work to complete. A question that might arise is: what do you do with your accounting staff now?

There are several areas you might consider branching out to with your accounting staff now that they are freed from completing hours of manual data entry and paper-based processes. Here are 4 ideas:

3 Examples of PSIcapture Solutions for Accounting

How can PSIcapture bolster your accounting department's processes?

3 accounting solutions using PSIcapture

Accounting is responsible for myriad day-to-day operations in an organization. The accounting department deals with everything from accounts payable and receivable, to inventory, payroll and other financial aspects of a company. Between keeping accurate records, paying invoices on time, processing incoming payments and managing any other financial needs, it is all too likely that this department will fall behind if these processes are dealt with manually.

Every accounting department can benefit from implementing an advanced capture solution to automate and simplify these complex, time-consuming processes. With a powerful feature set, flexible options and world-class support, PSIcapture is the ultimate accounting department tool.

Here are 3 examples of how companies have used PSIcapture to improve their accounting processes:

5 Advantages of Protecting Sensitive Data with PSIcapture’s Auto Redaction

Remove Your Customers’ Personal Information from Documents with PSIcapture’s Automatic Redaction Function

protect sensitive data with psicapture

Document redaction—the safe removal of sensitive information from documents—is a crucial element of the advanced capture process for many organizations. Documents containing personally identifiable information like social security numbers or credit card and bank account information often require redaction before they can be stored in a company repository or distributed outside of the organization.

For most companies, manually redacting information from documents would be a costly and time-consuming process. Manual redaction is also a security concern; depending on the method used, a hacker might be able to uncover the sensitive data hidden on a digital document, compromising the security of that information. If your organization is a government agency, law firm, financial institution, or any type of company that deals with sensitive personal information, PSIcapture's redaction capabilities can help you secure that information quickly and efficiently.

Here are 5 advantages of using PSIcapture to auto-redact sensitive data from documents:

8 Easy Steps to Line-Item Invoice Processing

PSIcapture’s Table Extraction & Accelerated Classification Engine Automate Invoice Processing

PSIcapture’s Table Extraction & Accelerated Classification Engine Automate Invoice Processing

Last week we showed you how easy it is to process invoice headers with PSIcapture 6.0. But the header is just one aspect of an invoice. Invoices are complex documents that contain data vital to your organization's finances. Getting that data extracted and into your business applications is important for keeping accurate records and paying invoices promptly to receive the maximum discount and avoid penalties.

The easiest way to process data contained in your invoices is through PSIcapture's Table Extraction feature. Table Extraction works by identifying column headers and extracting the data contained in each column. The data extracted can then be migrated to your organization's document management systems and/or line of business applications. The process is made easier than ever with PSIcapture's Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE).

Manage the Mailroom with Document Capture

Automate mailroom processes to optimize productivity

Manage the Mailroom with Document Capture

The office mailroom—it's not exactly a labyrinth, but it's probably not a place you're particularly fond of either. It's the place where incoming and outgoing documents amass, ever-so-slowly building up until, before you know it, a paper mountain emerges. The mountain looms over the tiny members of your office, daring any one of you to attempt to make sense of the individual documents that make up its perilous terrain.

Perhaps your experience with the mailroom isn't quite that dramatic, but you get the point. Mailrooms can be messy, difficult to navigate and downright unmanageable. But there's good news. With the help of document capture, you can tame the chaos of the mailroom and make it a functional, well-organized mechanism.

6 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Improve Efficiency with PSIGEN

Reduce Manual Tasks and Improve Customer Service with Advanced Capture

6 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Improve Efficiency with PSIGEN

Many different industries deal with a high volume of documents on a regular basis, but one of the most paper-intensive sectors is finance. Banks have to keep record of every client transaction that occurs—without automation, entering this data can be time-consuming and error-prone. Financial services companies are required to keep records of all correspondence between clients, along with all the paperwork concerning their clients' financial policies.

Keeping this information in paper records can lead to a significant accumulation of paper files, racking up print and storage costs, and oftentimes requiring companies to purchase offsite storage. Add to that the burden of retrieving these documents when they're needed by a staff member or client, or for an audit, and you have a system that simply isn't conducive to efficiently running a business.

Take Control of Tax Season with Document Capture

How tax preparation firms can benefit from a capture solution

Take Control of Tax Season with Document Capture

With tax season in full swing, millions of Americans are scrambling to make sure they have all of their important documents ready to hand over to their accountants. From W-2s and 1099s to business expense and charitable donation deductions, everyone has a plethora of documentation to provide in order to properly file their taxes and get the best discounts possible. That can add up to an abundance of information attached to just one person for one tax year.

Just imagine what it would be like to be responsible for hundreds, even thousands, of individuals' and businesses' tax documents. For tax preparation firms and CPAs, this is their reality. From January to April for regular tax preparation (not to mention the extension period for those who don't file on time) tax preparers are hard at work making sense of their clients' earnings and deductions for the previous year. If these files are only available to them in paper form, it can be extremely tedious to sort through each document.

5 Reasons to Attend Resonance 2016

PSIGEN's third conference is just two months away - here's why you should register

PSIGEN's third Resonance conference is just over two months away, and we are expecting this to be our best year yet. Resonance 2016 is open to both our partners and our software users, meaning we'll have something for everyone. We'll provide valuable information from experts in management, sales and technical development and support.

Here are 5 great reasons to register for the 2016 Resonance PSIGEN Users & Partners Conference:

PSIGEN for Healthcare: Real-World Applications

How can PSIGEN be used to simplify healthcare processes?

PSIGEN for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is inundated with information, and there are a variety of areas within healthcare that deal with different types of information. For instance, the administrative side of the organization houses patient records, insurance information and patient satisfaction surveys, among other things. On the financial side are medical claims, billing documentation and invoice processing. On the educational side, there's the paper trail that follows medical providers including doctors, nurses and future doctors throughout their academic career.

This wide variety of information within the industry leads to a wealth of opportunity for implementing document management solutions. Here are just a few ways PSIGEN has been used by healthcare organizations to streamline their processes, cut costs and increase efficiency:

5 Ways Document Capture Can Improve Healthcare Administration

Reduce costs, eliminate manual tasks and improve care quality with PSIGEN

Hospital Blog

Healthcare administration is a costly business. According to a study by Health Affairs, administrative costs make up roughly 25% of total hospital expenditures—or around $200 billion—in the US, and that number is increasing. What's more disheartening is that the high administrative costs don't correlate to better quality healthcare—meaning this money is more of an unnecessary waste than an investment in good healthcare. The American Medical Association (AMA) estimates that a majority of doctors still use paper to request insurance authorization for procedures and referrals, and 83% still use traditional fax machines to do so.

The problem with this, of course, is that those excess costs have to be absorbed somewhere, meaning either the patient or their health insurance company will ultimately end up with the bill. It would be fair to deduce that a significant part of this administrative problem is due to inefficiencies in the processes. But how do you combat inefficiency in such a heavily-regulated, highly complex field like healthcare?

One way to start is by streamlining document processes to reduce unnecessary manual work, such as pre-sorting documents before scanning and manually entering data into the content management system. Here are 5 ways PSIGEN's document capture and data extraction solutions can help streamline these processes for a hospital, doctor's office or other healthcare facility:

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