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PSIcapture is able to move captured documents into more than 60 ECM systems. What does that process look like for the various systems? These posts will give you a deeper understanding of PSIcapture’s integrative capabilities and how they might apply to your business needs.

3 Ways to Use PSIGEN to Complement SharePoint & Office 365

PSIcapture & SAFE help users make the most of their SharePoint investments

3 Ways to Use PSIGEN to Complement SharePoint & Office 365

More than 85 million people actively use Office 365, and Microsoft reports that number will surpass 100 million early this year. Furthermore, more than 200,000 organizations use SharePoint. The popularity of these Microsoft enterprise platforms spans across industries and departments, and it’s easy to see why: they allow for highly customizable content and communication management to meet the needs of virtually any type of organization.

As vital as SharePoint is to many businesses, it isn’t an out-of-the-box program. SharePoint sites must be built and maintained, which can be time-consuming and inefficient for many businesses. That’s where PSIGEN can significantly increase the efficacy of SharePoint and Office 365.

Here are 3 ways to use PSIGEN to complement your SharePoint or Office 365 project:

  1. Build your SharePoint or Office 365 project with PSIGEN’s advanced capture and workflow options: Whether you’re starting your content management project from scratch or are working to improve what you already have, PSIGEN can help. Our products can seamlessly integrate with SharePoint and Office 365. Capture documents, automatically populate metadata fields, and create file-naming schemes and folder structures. PSIcapture’s automation features, including database lookup, the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) and Table Extraction, make these processes essentially painless.
  2. Organize your digital landfill: Has SharePoint become a virtual dumping ground for your business’s documents? You’re not alone. A study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) showed 27% of respondents had a stalled SharePoint project. Another 37% said their SharePoint project failed to meet their original expectations. SharePoint is a fantastic tool for managing content, but it generally can’t be treated as a standalone application. Unless you want to allocate several employees to manually inputting data and maintaining the site, a document capture program is necessary to easily make files searchable and to create organization within SharePoint.
  3. Let SAFE take over where SharePoint ends: Save money by utilizing PSIGEN’s content management platform SAFE for files you don’t readily need in SharePoint or Office 365. Since you’re paying for storage within your SharePoint site, SAFE can be used to complement SharePoint. For instance, if you’re using SharePoint for your Human Resources department, you might have all your employee records organized within your site. But what about employees who leave the company? Your industry may require you to keep these records on file, but why continue to pay premium for the space? You can easily transfer these files to SAFE. This way, you can retain the files in case you ever need them, but they don’t have to take up valuable storage space in your SharePoint site.

Looking for more information about PSIGEN for SharePoint? Check out our SharePoint document solutions and download our free whitepaper. You can also get in touch with a PSIGEN sales expert for more details.

5 Ways to Save a Stalled SharePoint Project

Why SharePoint isn’t working for you and how can you change that?

5 Ways to Save a Stalled SharePoint Project

According to a study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 26% of businesses surveyed said their SharePoint project was stalled and 37% reported their SharePoint project has not met their original expectations. If your business has invested in SharePoint and has had these issues, don't give up. There are plenty of things you can do to get back on track with your project to make it work for your company.

Here are 5 steps to take to ensure a smooth SharePoint project deployment:

PSIcapture: ECM's Greatest Asset—Not its Competition

Responses to 3 misconceptions about advanced capture's role with ECM systems

advanced capture such as psicapture is an asset to ecm

Being an extremely channel-focused company, PSIGEN has hundreds of resellers, many of which are highly focused on the ECM industry. The PSIGEN team sees this as a great opportunity to provide customers with full-scale solutions to their process problems and to enhance the capabilities of the ECM systems our resellers provide.

However, we understand there are certain difficulties that come along with reselling software. When you're dealing with multiple products, it can be tough to see how each one fits in the grand scheme of things. It can also be tricky to determine whether a product serves more as an asset to your other offerings or as a competitor.

Fortunately, PSIGEN's advanced capture tools are not designed to take the place of the ECM systems our resellers provide. Our products are truly built to integrate with these systems and provide organizations with an efficient end-to-end solution for their document processing.

How Can PSIGEN Help You Capture ECM Sales?

Add Advanced Document Capture to your Product Lineup to Help Boost your ECM Sales

PSIGEN can help you capture ECM Sales

If you're an ECM reseller, you understand the value the product you offer brings to customers. Having a way to digitally store documents saves organizations a significant amount of money in labor, print and paper costs, and the cost to store and manage physical files.

What if you could provide customers with an even more cohesive solution that took their document management to the next level—a solution that combined automation, user-friendliness and cutting-edge technology to make processing documents easier than ever?

PSIGEN's advanced document capture and data extraction tools are the vital missing link between scanning documents and storing them in an ECM. By including these tools in the overall solution, you're providing customers with an integrative system that meets their document management needs from start to finish.

PSIcapture and Square9: The Smart Choice

Integrate PSIcapture with SmartSearch for a Seamless, Automated Solution

Square9 PsiCaptureSquare9 SmartSearch is an advanced document management system used by organizations of every size. With the ability to scale to meet the needs of a very small department or those of a large company, SmartSearch can be effectively used by any type of business to manage information. From education and healthcare to manufacturing and legal, many industries rely on SmartSearch to help streamline their paper processes.

Scalability and versatility are qualities SmartSearch shares with PSIGEN's PSIcapture, so it's no surprise that these two systems work together seamlessly to provide businesses with a powerful tool for capturing and storing documents.

PSIcapture makes the process of moving documents into SmartSearch extremely simple through a direct integration. This can be easily configured by choosing the Square9 SmartSearch template when you set up your PSIcapture workflow.

The PSIGEN Difference: The Ultimate On-Ramp

PSIcapture's compatibility with ECM systems makes it the smart choice for document capture

PSIcapture is the best capture onramp availableSuccessful business vary in industry type, size and purpose, but most of them share a few commonalities that contribute to their success. In the midst of more obvious qualities like exceptional customer service, company culture and having an effective business plan is a quality that is easily overlooked but extremely important: business processes. Successful businesses understand the importance of changing and improving their business processes in order to keep up with the evolving needs of customers and to make their businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

At PSIGEN, we understand this crucial business strategy, which is why we take the ever-changing needs of successful businesses into account when we develop the features of our software. One of the features that sets PSIcapture apart from other document capture and data extraction products is its ability to integrate seamlessly with a very wide range of document management systems. Whereas many capture software products are built to feed directly into a specific system or two, PSIcapture was built for true versatility.

Here are the 3 main advantages of PSIcapture's versatile migration feature:

Maximize M-Files Capabilities with PSIcapture

PSIGEN's Advanced Capture Software Provides Easy Integration with M-Files Document Management

M-Files ArticleIf your company is using a document management application like M-Files, you're well on your way to having an organized, efficient digital solution for your files. But what if you could make the process of getting your documents into M-Files easy, fast and automated? PSIcapture has an integration specifically built for M-Files that allows for the seamless migration of scanned documents into your M-Files repository. The automated solution requires very minimal end-user intervention and the end result is documents that are searchable, indexed, properly named and stored in your M-Files application for easy access. [Watch a demo here]

The solution is perfect for organizations that use M-Files and need to be able to optimize the investment they've made while also making sure there isn't a lot of manual work required to make it happen. This is what East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) was looking for when they began seeking a capture solution that would integrate effortlessly with M-Files. They chose PSIcapture because of its seamless M-Files integration, as well as its ease of use and price point. According to ETHRA's support services manager Cyndie Cecil, "PSIGEN offered us a very versatile product. It worked well with the document management software we already had [M-Files] and it was available at a good price point."

How to Use PSIcapture to Improve your SharePoint Solution

Optimize your SharePoint Investment with Document Capture

sharepoint document capture

Download the free whitepaper "Leverage SharePoint with PSIcapture"

If you're new to the concept of document capture, you might be wondering how it relates to a program like Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint is, among other things, a document management system (DMS). It's a great way to store and manage information digitally. But how do you move your information into SharePoint?

That's where document capture comes in. Capture bridges the gap between scanning and SharePoint by providing a fast and easy way to capture documents, extract metadata, turn the documents into searchable PDFs and classify them based on form type—before they ever enter SharePoint.

PSIcapture provides several features to enhance the process and make the user experience easy and efficient:

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