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There’s a lot of information out there about document capture—but it’s not all accurate, and it can be sometimes be difficult to understand. Why do you need a capture solution, how is it different from an ECM, how can a capture solution change your business for the better? We’ll try to answer those questions for you, in plain English, right here on the blog.

4 Reasons Document Management Projects Fail

And how to ensure yours succeeds

4 Reasons Document Management Projects Fail

Investing in a document management solution is not merely a matter of researching options and purchasing a system. While these are the first steps, the follow-through once your organization adopts a document management project is where the real challenges arise. Sometimes, despite the effort you went through to implement content management in your company, the project fails.

Why do document management projects fail? On the surface, it would seem like a program that offers solutions to business problems and reduces manual work for staff would be a slam dunk. However, there are numerous reasons why these projects fail.

Here are 4 reasons document management projects fail and how you can ensure yours succeeds:

5 Ways to Facilitate User Adoption of Your Advanced Capture System

You've Got Your Advanced Capture System - Now What?

5 Ways to Facilitate User Adoption of Your Advanced Capture System

Congrats, you did it—you finally got approval to solve your document process problems with advanced capture! While that's surely an important step in the right direction, it's not enough to just purchase the software. The essential next step is to garner user adoption among your team members to ensure a successful implementation of your PSIcapture project.

Here are 5 ways to encourage user adoption of your advanced capture system:

Invoice Header Processing with PSIcapture 6.0

ACE boosts efficiency through simplified invoice processing

Invoice Header ProcessingProcessing invoices is a pain point in many organizations. According to a survey included in an AIIM report, when asked about the biggest barrier to success in improving Accounts Payable operations, most respondents cited an over reliance on people and paper-based processes.

PSIcapture's Classification feature not only automates invoice processing, but also simplifies the configuration of new vendor invoices. By using the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) for invoice processing, you can eliminate paper-based processes more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Building the Document Capture Bridge

These 3 factors are essential for a reliable document capture solution

document capture bridge

Document capture bridges the gap between paper documents and digital content. But a good bridge isn't built overnight. It's carefully engineered by skilled professionals using a combination of strength, flexibility and cost-effectiveness to build a sturdy and reliable structure.

5 Ways Document Management Improves the Audit Process

Simplify Audits and Increase Compliance with PSIGEN

Simplify Audits and Increase Compliance with PSIGEN

Not every business experiences audits on a regular basis, but those that do understand the headache that often accompanies an audit. Organizations that are publicly run, tax-exempt or contracted by the government face audits most frequently, but every business has the potential to be audited at some point.

Auditors often require access to a plethora of company information to ensure your practices are compliant with regulations. This may include information such as payroll and other employee data, your company's financial statements, and more. If your business's documents are not stored efficiently, an audit can become an extremely stressful and time-consuming affair. Worse yet, if your company documentation is not stored in an organized manner, you also run the risk of being noncompliant. For instance, if certain documents are missing during an audit and can't be found, or if they are stored in a manner that is not secure enough to comply with regulations, your business could face penalties for noncompliance.

How Does PSIGEN Support HIPAA Compliance?

Healthcare providers can use PSIGEN solutions for capture and workflow and remain compliant with HIPAA regulations

PSIcapture HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare administration needs are highly complex, in part due to the regulations every healthcare provider must comply with by law. The healthcare industry faces some of the most stringent regulations, and for good reason. Doctor's offices and hospitals house a wide range of personal information for each patient they care for, including medical records, patient insurance information, social security numbers, home addresses and more. The protection of this information is vital, and therefore the regulations imposed on the industry are very thorough. The main regulatory law healthcare facilities deal with is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The law requires health care providers and organizations to follow procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of protected health information at all times.

So where does PSIGEN come into play when it comes to healthcare regulations? PSIGEN products have been carefully developed to meet the regulations imposed on many industries, including healthcare. At PSIGEN, we understand that remaining compliant is crucial to ensuring a bright future for healthcare providers. HIPAA compliance is not only the law, but it's also a way for healthcare professionals to demonstrate to their patients that they take their care seriously.

Here are the main ways PSIGEN's document capture and data extraction tools help healthcare providers to remain HIPAA compliant:

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