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PSIsafe 11.0 will be coming to an office near you July 2017!

PSIsafe 11.0 Coming July 2017!Business in the 21st century is a 24/7/365 proposition. For an organization to be efficient, nimble and agile, managers and employees must be able to work with mission-critical data anywhere; at home or on the road, at their desk or on vacation. And traditional filing systems – paper documents, shared drives, personal hard drives – are rife with hassles, headaches, risks and expense. PSIsafe offers a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of filing cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives.

PSIsafe is an advanced content management and business process automation solution that offers a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of filing cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives. Access – and use – any document, anywhere, anytime. Call up a file in a client meeting. Approve an invoice from the production floor. Review a proposal in the airport lounge. With PSIsafe, you’re always connected.

PSIsafe Business Uses

  • Secure Document Sharing
    PSIsafe makes it easy to securely exchange documents and information with clients, patients, colleagues and more.
  • Customer Records Management
    PSIsafe goes a step beyond CRM solutions, allowing organizations of all sizes to effortlessly store and access all of their customer records.
  • Mobile Document Management
    Access client information a during an off-site meeting or collect a legal signature from your phone or tablet.
  • Electronic Signature Capture
    Automatically append pre-built signature pages to documents. Define and enforce signature orders. Whatever you need, PSIsafe can provide it.
  • Windows Document Retrieval
    PMake the mission-critical documents stored in PSIsafe accessible in nearly all Windows-based enterprise applications without losing security, audit trails and version controls.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Integration
    PSIsafe lets you directly integrate your document management solutions with Intuit QuickBooks to create a seamless workflow for accounts payable, accounts receivable and other financial departments.
  • Remote Document Filing
    A safe and secure document filing tool that simplifies document management for remote workers.
  • Browser-based Content Management
    Access and use any document in your PSIsafe repositories directly in your browser. There’s no software to install, and no hoops to jump through.
  • Electronic Forms Creation
    PSIsafe simplifies the creation and management of electronic forms, both on internal systems and online.
  • Synchronize Documentation
    Keep your PSIsafe document repositories in sync with your systems of record – automatically.
  • Accounts Payable Automation
    Automate document- and manual task-intensive AP workflows to improve data accuracy, reduce the costs and boost operational efficiencies.
  • Third-party Integration
    PSIsafe's open API gives clients, partners and OEMs the ability to safely and confidently integrate third-party applications to create firm-wide interoperable document management workflows.

"Rather than us changing how we worked to fit their software, they asked how we wanted to run our business and then configured features around that.”

Jason Morris, Human Resources Director

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Your Office. Your Workflows. Your Processes. Your PSIsafe.

PSIsafe doesn’t come with a steep learning curve or an initial drain on productivity. We examine your organization’s processes, rules and workflows, then we configure PSIsafe to meet your exact needs – creating an efficient, fully digital version of your document capture, storage, retrieval and workflow processes.

PSIsafe can be deployed on-premise or hosted in our secure, private cloud. Either version is configured with each installation, creating a tailored solution for any organization. It’s your office, your workflows, your processes and your culture.

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