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PSIfusion web-based distributed quality assurance (QA) and indexing solution

PSIfusion: Distributed QA and Indexing Software

PSIfusion provides quality assurance and indexing capability from any compatible internet browser. With a built-in barcode generator and seamless integration with PSIcapture, PSIfusion is the most efficient way to index and validate documents for distributed team environments.

PSIfusion's true integration with PSIcapture, PSIGEN's flagship document capture product, allows you to leverage all the complex capture functionality of PSIcapture in front-end processing and provides a simple, seamless route to PSIfusion export.

Why is Distributed Indexing and QA Important?

PSIfusion allows team distribution of indexing and QA tasksPSIfusion is a secure way to process documents from anywhere. Ideal for teams that are spread out in several or many locations, PSIfusion queues documents that have been captured by PSIcapture to be accessed by specific members of the team. Authorized users are able to perform manual indexing or validate automatically extracted data, and then route the processed documents to the organization’s ECM system. PSIfusion utilizes a team-level organization with designated supervisors to maintain security and compliance, which makes the process of managing document queues simple and effective.

Core features in PSIfusion

Core features in PSIfusion

PSIfusion takes PSIGEN’s powerful PSIcapture solution into a distributed environment. With PSIfusion, scanned documents can be indexed remotely via a web browser. Documents captured by PSIcapture can be auto-routed to PSIfusion queues, where end-users can verify information or run lookups to fill in missing data. With a focus on simplicity and power, PSIfusion provides robust features:

  •  Web client quality assurance and indexing
  •  Support for database linked fields for queries and dropdowns
  •  Built-in barcode cover sheet generator allows for “scan to me” functionality from any network scanning device or fax server
  •  Full image viewer includes thumbnail views, rotate buttons, drag and drop, delete page and delete document functions
  •  Security model provides team organization with supervisors
  •  Supervisors can manage, move and assign document queues
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