PSIcapture SharePoint White Paper

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sharepoint white paperPSIcapture is PSIGEN’s flagship product and leads the industry as the premier advanced document capture software. PSIcapture helps companies automate document processing by extracting data from scanned pages and utilizing it to name, index, format and route the document along the electronic path to storage. The lasting result is a more productive end user, using fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes, while accomplishing complex and powerful document workflows.

Microsoft SharePoint has served as a premier content management tool for the past 14 years. In that time it has flourished and expanded, becoming a staple for many organizations. SharePoint is more than just a document repository. It allows for employee collaboration, task management, easy and customizable search, and much more.

Although SharePoint is an extremely useful business tool, many organizations simply aren’t using it to their full advantage. This White Paper shows how to leverage PSIcapture to your advantage.

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