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MFP / Copier Panel Scanning Integrations

PSIGEN has had a long-standing relationship with Copier / MFP Manufacturers, and provides enhanced scanning capabilities by allowing documents to be routed directly to PSI:Capture by way of the in-office MFP. This, in turn, helps organizations leverage their manpower in the most efficient manner possible. PSIGEN is proud to showcase several panel integrations for PSI:Capture.

For inquiries on Canon or Sharp MFP Panel Integration, and panel integrations for other MFP manufacturers, contact the PSIGEN Sales Team for more information by clicking here.

  • Canon ScanFront 330 Integration Panel

    Faster, MOre Efficient Workflow

    canon 330 panel small insetAs a document capture company dedicated to working alongside top-notch MFP manufacturers to enhance user experiences, PSIGEN is constantly looking for ways to integrate our products with the best multi-function printers and scanners on the market.

    With its compact design and networked scanning capabilities, the Canon ScanFront 330 is the perfect scanner for multiple-user office environments. PSIGEN’s routing panel for the Canon ScanFront 330 provides for a quicker, more efficient workflow for users who scan documents using these scanners.

    The panel displays a set of buttons representing various document categories, such as “Invoices” or “Purchase Orders.” The user selects the appropriate category button and scans the documents, which are automatically routed to PSI:Capture. From there, the documents are processed and then migrated to the document repository.

    The destination buttons located on the panel and their respective network file destinations in PSI:Capture can be easily configured by the user through the PSI:Capture Routing Maintenance web pages. These are available via the panel maintenance application, which the user installs along with the panel installation.

  • The PSI:Capture Routing panel for Sharp’s multi-function printers provides operators with a quick and easy method for routing scanned documents directly PSI:Capture for processing. The operator presses a button on the control panel that describes the document type, and the document is routed to the appropriate location for auto-import and processing by PSI:Capture. The button names and their associated network destinations are configurable.


    Application Main Screen:

    Sharp MFP Panel - PSI:Capture Application Main Screen

    Above: A sample of the PSI:Capture Routing application (Sharp MX 411x / 511x series MFP)

    PSI:Capture in the MFP Homescreen:

    Sharp MFP Panel - PSI:Capture MFP Homescreen

    Above: A sample of the PSI:Capture Routing application in the homescreen (Sharp MX 411x / 511x series MFP)

    For inquiries on Sharp MFP Panel Integration, and panel integrations for other MFP manufacturers, contact the PSIGEN Sales Team for more information by clicking here.

    capture 150x225PSIGEN's PSI:Capture provides an automated and efficient scanning, capture and imaging onramp to any SharePoint implementation (MOSS, WSS, 2010 or Office 365). The scanning software offers a simple, easy to configure import wizard for existing sites, and even enables the automatic creation of Document Libraries and columns. Be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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