PSIcapture EFF Module

capture and migrate all digital file types

EFF Digital File Migration ModuleHow do you import, process and migrate non-image files into your Document Management System? The Extended File Format (EFF) module enables PSIcapture to import and process all types of digital files.  Need to import, rename and send 10,000 word files to Microsoft SharePoint?  We make it a snap with our auto-configuration template.

Below is a list of EFF features PSIcapture Enterprise and PSIcapture for MFPs.

extended file format (EFF) module Features:

  • Import and process any type of digital file
  • Assign index data based on filename, folder structure or use any of the PSIcapture default value settings.
  • Use our powerful C# scripting engine to perform advanced processing with business logic
  • Migrate files and data to anyone of our 50 supported ECM systems

Data Extraction

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Sharepoint Solution

Learn how PSIcapture provides a robust, feature-rich SharePoint scanning solution

SharePoint Scanning


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